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Miracle Story


Angela Brown

Ellie the Miracle Dog

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2015-11-23 03:04:36

We got our dog Ellie from a rescue pet organisation when she was three and it was obvious from the first that she was part greyhound or whippet.   She is 16 years old now and still reasonably sprightly for her age but in her prime she ran like the wind.  She was completely obsessed with fetch, dashing after the ball like a mad thing then launching herself skywards and snatching the ball midflight with great precision.   People passing by would stop to watch her in action as it was quite a sight!

Many years ago, my husband and I were taking Ellie for a walk on a track through the bush and had forgotten to take a ball with us.   As usual she kept creeping backwards with her eyes fixed upon us, ready to zoom off as soon as a ball was thrown.   We didn’t usually throw other things for Ellie but she was pestering us and we kept nearly tripping over her and eventually my husband found quite a big stick and gave it a mighty throw.   Ellie took off like a mad thing.   She launched herself into the air but before she could grab it with her teeth, the stick landed almost vertically and one end went straight into her mouth instead of across the way.

We rushed over to see if she was alright.   There was a little bit of blood from her mouth though she seemed fine.  We kept an eye on her for the next few days but nothing untoward happened. 

I can’t remember how long afterwards it was (three weeks?) that I suddenly noticed something strange about the top of Ellie’s head.   It was like someone had carefully drawn a straight line down the middle of her forehead.  One side was totally normal and the other had sunk or shrunk down a lot somehow.   There really was a very pronounced difference.   A big hole, in other words!

I immediately took Ellie to the vet who examined her and asked if anything had happened to her throat recently.   I remembered the stick incident and explained.   The vet said it was probable that damage had happened then to her Vagus nerve which had now led to some big muscles wasting away (atrophy) in her head.   I asked him if the damage could be healed but he said in all his years he had never seen such atrophy reverse, although current indications were that Ellie should be able to still live a good life with it.  

I took Ellie home and monitored her closely during the next few weeks.   I felt dismayed and worried every time I saw the big ‘hole’ in her head but she showed no signs of pain or distress.    Then suddenly one day I noticed the big dent in her head didn’t look quite so deep and gradually as the days passed it became shallower until eventually it filled up completely.   It felt like a real miracle …..  Ellie had done the ‘impossible’ and healed.    The next time we went to the vet, he couldn’t believe it. 

Ellie had always been an ‘angel with paws’ in my book, but now she was truly a miracle dog!


Angela Brown,

Sydney, Australia