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Miracle Story


John Hinwood

The Magical Mystery Tour

Submitted into: Miracles of Travel Category,

On: 2008-02-14

In November 2007, I headed out to Phuket, Thailand to crew on the yacht Millennium in Asia's biggest off shore sailing regatta, The King's Cup.

The previous year I had also crewed on the boat and we won line honours in the Dent Island to Dunk Island Classic along Australia's Great Barrier Reef. It was a special experience.

I was excited to be going to Thailand and crew on Millennium once again. My wife Judy drove me the hour and a half to Brisbane Airport as it was a midnight departure.

I joined the check in queue at 10pm and it was slow going to progress to the counter. I was travelling with two friends, Craig Gilberd and his partner Karen Cooke, both of whom have extensive sailing experience.

As 11pm approached, the loading belts at the check in counter stopped and about 15 minutes later a Thai Airways Check In Agent walked along the line telling folk that the plane that was taking us to Bangkok had broken down in Sydney and would not be arriving in Brisbane until 24 hours later.

Three flights with other airlines were all leaving around the midnight hour also heading for Bangkok, however, they were all booked out.

The airline sent all those passengers who lived in or near Brisbane home for the night and then set about at 11pm finding 94 hotel rooms for the remaining passengers.

Brisbane, due to it's excellent climate has become quite a conference city in Australia and as such there were only 3 hotel rooms available. The airline gave those rooms to the three disable persons on our flight.

As the airline searched the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, holiday destination beach areas an hour south and north of Brisbane for rooms, they arranged for the one coffee shop to remain open to feed and water those of us that were left.

At 11.30pm, a much relieved Thai Airways Agent came to the Food Court to inform us that he had secured 90 rooms at the Surfers Paradise Holiday Inn on the Gold Coast and we would all be taken there by individual taxi cabs.

We collected our bags and joined the cab queue outside; Craig, Karen and I shared a cab together.

Our Ethiopian cab driver was a fun filled man who informed us as we were driving out of the Airport that as it was now close to 2am and our cab ride to the hotel was over an hour each way, he would need to go and find his day driver' to take us to Surfers Paradise.

After a mystery tour' for half an hour around Brisbane we found our relieving driver who drove us to Surfers Paradise. There was one problem with our new driver. The air conditioning was broken in the cab, it was a warm sub tropical night in south east Queensland and the stench of the cab was on the nose', as our driver definitely had an allergy to soap and water we assumed. The odour in that cab brought me back to my days backpacking in Asia and Latin America in the early 1970's.

By 3.30am, I was snug in bed on the 19th floor of the Holiday Inn with a fantastic view along the Pacific Ocean and beach at Surfers Paradise. The clean white sheets and fresh sea air was a pleasant change indeed.

A note from the airline had been put under my hotel room door while I slept . I awoke to a fantastic sunny day at 9am. The note said, have breakfast and lunch on the airline, check out by 12 noon and be ready to be bussed back to Brisbane at 2pm.

Before heading back to Brisbane by bus I telephoned my Travel Agent of over 20 years to have her check to see when our broken down plane would be repaired. Her findings were another two or three days as they still had been unable to secure the part needed.

On arriving back at Brisbane International Airport we joined the extremely long queue to check in. As the line was so long a Thai Airways Agent came to many of us, gave us each a meal voucher and suggested we go to the Food Court and relax for a while, then return to check in later.

As we had time to fill in and my wife Judy had asked me to buy her an iPod, I went shopping at the Duty Free shop with my friend Craig.

Some thirty minutes later we returned to join Karen who had been relaxing and reading over a cup of coffee. Karen was excited as an elderly woman whom she had met on the bus journey back from the Gold Coast had just told her that the Thai Airways booking agent had offered to fly her across Australia from Brisbane to Perth, a flight similar to New York to Los Angeles. The airline would overnight her in a Perth hotel then fly her the next morning at 10am to Phuket.

The woman told Karen she had said no to this as everybody knows to fly to Phuket you first have to fly to Bangkok, change planes, then fly to Phuket. The lady was having a coffee and a sandwich before heading home until the plane was repaired. The three of us headed straight back to the Thai check in counter and the wait line only had six people in front of us.

My Travel Agent had told me that morning that as we were flying high season that all the airlines flying our of Brisbane into South East Asian destinations were all booked out. She said maybe they will route you via New Zealand or some other round about Australian Capital city route to get you to Phuket to join your racing crew on time.

The couple ahead of us in the check in line were Indian and on route to Bangkok and then Bombay as she was to be Matron of Honour at a big Indian wedding.

If this couple didn't arrive in Bangkok by early the next morning they would not be able to arrive in Bombay in time for the wedding. They were not happy campers', very angry, rude and really giving the Check In Agent a rough time. The Agent asked them eventually to move to the side and discuss a couple of alternatives he had suggested and he would be with them shortly.

It's always wonderful to be next in line after people like that. You have the opportunity to move the pendulum from extremely negative and abusive to the positive, warm, loving expectancy end of the scale. The Check In Agent immediately warms to you and goes out of their way to see you leave with a positive outcome.

I assumed the role of check in person for Craig, Karen and myself. As I stepped up to the counter, I put out my right hand to shake hands with the Agent, which he was surprised at, however very happy as he stood up and responded.

The next thing I did was to lay out three Expect a Miracle cards on the counter. One card for Agent and the other cards were for his two female assistants who were making phone calls to other Airlines, writing out paper transfer tickets and the many other support tasks he needed.

Phuket, the Agent said, this is a very difficult task tonight, I can get you there at the earliest tomorrow night. I then asked about flying domestic from Brisbane overnight to Perth courtesy of Thai Airways and taking the 10am direct flight to Phuket the next morning.

After several phone calls and many clicks of his mouse, the Agent said Yes, there are six seats left on the Phuket flight, I have reserved three for you, however, the 7.30pm flight from Brisbane to Perth is full, so there is no possible way you can connect with the flight to Phuket tomorrow morning. I just can't get you to Perth in time.

I then told the Agent that my trusty Expect A Miracle cards always worked and I asked him could one of his assistants please call Qantas at the Domestic terminal and wait on the line until three cancellations showed up. It was by now 6.40pm and the flight left at 7.30pm from another totally separate terminal at the Airport.

The Agent called his two assistants over, gave them an Expect a Miracle card each and asked them if they were prepared to give it a go. All of a sudden they became excited and agreed let's do it and an air of positive expectancy immediately was the go. One woman worked the telephone to Qantas and the three of us continually smiled at her.

BINGO ! Ten minutes later total excitement was recorded on the woman's face as she yelled out, I got them, I got them, you have three seats to Perth, three people have just cancelled.

Within five minutes they had written out the transfer ticket for the three of us, told us that they would leave a message on my mobile phone to tell us which hotel in Perth they had booked us into when we arrived there at midnight.

We raced out of the International Terminal and grabbed a cab to get to the Domestic Terminal just in time to check in before boarding started on our flight.

Our Perth detour was an unexpected surprise and all three of us took advantage of the visit there.

Karen had two of her four adult children living there, Craig's sister and family lived there and a special niece had only a few days earlier returned to Australia from Egypt to give birth to her first child . Our Centre for Powerful Practices Senior Mentor lives in Perth.

Wow…thanks to Thai Airways we enjoyed a celebration breakfast with our special group prior to flying to Thailand.

We arrived in Phuket a day behind our planned schedule right on time for the King's Cup Regatta.

Thanks to the Expect A Miracle card we enjoyed a magical mystery tour.

John Hinwood