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Miracle Story


Sheldon Pearson

Our Miracle Kiss

Submitted into: Miracles of Love Category,

On: 2015-11-12 03:22:30

When I was a young man I often had trouble speaking to women, I felt awkward and shy around them. I often felt like I had nothing in common and I couldn’t even speak to them without falling foul of some social faux pa. It was often compounded by the fact that I thought I was a good speaker and had intelligent points of view and some issues to comment on.

Though I am a reflective type person and will generally pause and consider things before speaking, I was always thinking about using the right types of words that could best describe the issues that I was going to be speaking about.  Because of my ‘over thinking’ I would get myself all tangled up in thought before I could speak.

Then I saw Miss X, I don’t even know what attracted me to her in the first place, we barely talked for five minutes and I only saw her at seminars. But she had a way about her that was simply divine, her laughing, playful and whimsical nature all combined with a tenderness of heart and a boundless enthusiasm of love and friendship (even though she often kept this part of her hidden). For me I saw in her the things I wanted to be her high level of integrity, her confidential nature and her ability to give fearless feedback. Thinking about her qualities now I guess I have never acknowledged her courage and sticking with decision that must have cost her pain and suffering. But as I reflect back in- time (and still to this day) she was everything that anyone could want in another human being.

My dilemma at the time was how to approach her and speak to her. Should I be debonair and try and be suave and sophisticated like James Bond or mysterious and dark like Humphrey Bogart. So like a walnut in a nutcracker I was caught between these two paradigms of manliness. So I arrived early for an event and I saw her, and summoning up my two hero’s I strutted over and opened my mouth uttering forth a string of incomprehensible syllables that would have made Oscar Wilde give up in despair.

I was in the throes of massive shame and embarrassment and I was thinking she couldn’t possibly be thinking I was making sense, but it seemed she did not mind at all. And as I stumbled, cartwheeled and careened over words, it dawned on me that she was just as awkward and nervous as myself. I remember being stunned at the implications of that, could this goddess possibly be interested in me??? The more the conversation moved along its painful, difficult discourse, the more we both became aware that we were interested in each other.

I cannot testify for sure, but I am almost certain that my James Bond and Humphrey Bogart double act wasn’t fooling her. Then there came the dreaded lull in the conversation, I was desperate, I didn’t know what to do or how to create more conversation. I leaned over to speak more and then I caught a gleam, a hint of tenderness and sympathy and love in her lovely blue eyes. I knew then that I at least had her attention, so I made the biggest gamble in my life I decided to kiss her there and then. I had no other thought in my mind at the time other than to deliver the best kiss of my life onto those lips, consequences be dammed.

So I leaned in and delivered a kiss that was loaded with intensity and passion and whilst it lasted only a brief amount of time I felt that it was a lifetime. As I drew back I looked into her eyes and saw surprise and a mischievous excitement only to be closed off with a nonchalance. I didn’t feel rejected or nor was the kiss unwelcome but just a surprised wariness. Then unfortunately the event that we were both attending intervened and we went our separate ways. I didn’t hear from her for a number of weeks and I thought I had destroyed any chance of a connection.

However, a little later she called and ask me to coffee, and three days after that we were going out together. In reality, I never believed it would happen, and I believe it was a miracle that we connected with each other at all.


Sheldon Pearson

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia