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Miracle Story


Barbara Clifford

A Drink in a Bar, Saved Our Life

Submitted into: Miracles of Family Category,

On: 2015-10-20 00:15:46

We were travelling through South Africa and Zimbabwe.  It was in the mid 80s.

Zimbabwe was safer then that is now, but it was time when unrest was stirring.  There was reports of activist attacks in the area.  We were staying in a hotel, planning a drive from one location to another, I think our destination was Victoria Falls.

My father decided, out of the blue, to go to the bar, to unwind, escape and chat with the locals.  It was something he liked to do from time to time. This night he met a man who said, I cant tell you why, but you must not travel with your family on the route you plan on taking.  My dad listened to him and we decided to fly rather than drive (choosing to try a driving experience in another location).

In those days there was not the same levels of communication we have now with mobile phones, facebook and email.

Later when we arrived back home our family in Australia were incredibly relieved.  They had heard that an Australia family of four people (we were four) had been abducted and murdered by militant activists in the area we had been planning to travel.  Our family back home had worried for a moment that it had been us (until the names had been released) but we did not know how lucky we had been, or close to disaster, until we got home.

I was a miracle that my Dad met this man and was given this blessing of very sound advice.


Barbara Clifford

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia