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Miracle Story


Julia Krawitz

Best Experiment Yet…

Submitted into: Miracles of Family Category,

On: 2015-10-05 02:35:35

Have you heard this story before?  Has anyone else wanted children and not been able to - whether due to circumstance or biology? A couple of years ago I found myself in this very predicament.

I was in a relationship where I had been reassured that whatever I wanted I could have - which included a family - and I trusted that very scenario.  As time ticked by, and the number at each birthday increased, I learned this was not to be the case...and so I chose to move on.

The disappointment hit me in waves - sometimes I was buoyant and a lot of times I was just plain flat.  The situation had zapped me of a lot of my energy...

But just as every other independent female in the millennium I reassured myself that the situation did not present as an immense difficulty.  I researched my way through options...time to find another partner; adoption; IVF.  And with advances in technology, and therefore medicine, I determined IVF, as a single girl, the most realistic prospect.

I embarked upon selecting a supportive and nurturing clinic - and was indeed fortunate to find just that.  I seemed to leap through the counseling hurdles, and medical hurdles and was ready to go.....And then I stopped to look at the world around me....

I took on both sides of the argument with myself.

I weighed the pro’s.

I weighted the con’s.

And I did that again.

And again....and again...

I bought a car with space for the baby seat.  Just in case.

I built a new house.  One that fits a family.

I did my budgets.  I had spreadsheets everywhere.  All seemed plausible.

But still my decision was no decision.

And 2 years passed.

Then just before Christmas I collapsed in pain.  There was no real reason.  I felt sick. I had stomach cramps and I couldn’t move from one spot.

Overnight it passed and I went to the doctors.  They told me I had a 6 centimeter cyst in one ovary.  Nothing too serious.  However, I was questioned as to whether I was still thinking of having children because, at my age, I was warned the surgery may involve removal of one ovary.  All very straight forward... but for someone in their late thirties the ramifications of a missing ovary meant reduction in the ever dwindling egg numbers. I was very lucky as  the surgery did not require removal of the ovary but nevertheless I was encouraged to follow the IVF path before it was too late.

Fast forward four months and I had gone through one IVF cycle.  I had one viable embryo which was transplanted.

A few months after that, I had my story published as the single girl who undertook IVF.  I  had an awesome photo shoot - it was a winter’s day, the sun was brilliant and there was a clear blue sky.  I was happy and excited - if not a little anxious - that I could share my story with others, who may find themselves in a similar situation.  I was happy because I had been my own best experiment in so many ways:  I reignited my own strength and power by affirming my values...not only to myself but quite clearly to those around.  It started a new chapter in my life.

I still say to people, that, the IVF journey was the best thing I have ever done.  The IVF journey did not manifest into the child I had hoped for ....so the energy that came to me wasn’t a new life, but a recharging of an existing life - mine.

With Love.

Julia Krawitz, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia