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Miracle Story


Darilyn McMullen

Daily Dollar Short

Submitted into: Miracles of Money Category,

On: 2015-09-06 20:17:11

When I was in my 20’s, I lived a rural life with my husband and three young sons in the tablelands of North Queensland. As it is when you are just beginning a family we had very little money, but a wonderfully happy and free life and my prize possession was what gave me my freedom a little dung brown Datsun 180B.

I had recently been watching a video series with Michael Rice where he explains with clarity certain traits we express in our lives. One which I took home I’ve always referred to as “Daily Dollar Short”. This meant to me that with a certain attitude it did not matter how much money we have, or how much time, we always come up short. The belief being that we don’t deserve.

Well, this was a take home lesson for me as I always seemed to be running to get to places on time (still am – oh dear), I always had just enough money but never enough for any extras and life felt like a juggling act. As soon as a boon came in – a bill would follow.

So one day, this was just getting too much – with the baby still small and the other two under five – I was run ragged and needed a break. So it was decided that my husband would take the two older boys on an adventure, beach camping for a couple of days, giving me some wonderful bonding time with the baby.

They had no sooner left and I received in snail mail $100 from my Dad, as was his habit. Well whoopee! I had a hundred dollars, no one to be accountable to and a desperate need to cherish myself.  With the $100 in hand I packed my five month old Corey into his baby seat and set off down the range to the glittering shops. All was well, it was a fine day, no traffic on the road and joy in my heart. Then on a large bend in the road with a drop of hundreds of feet to the side of the road, my tyre blew out, my car skidded to the side of the road and rolled off the road.

When I came too, my car was perched on a small mound of dirt pushed off the road by the graders when making the road. All around there was a long drop down. Corey - bless him, he was such a happy child, not even crying, was still in his car seat but had broken glass covering him. I quickly scrambled out, pulled him from the car and made my way to roadside, of course brushing the glass off him first. No injuries to either of us not even a bruise.

I must have looked in need because before long some people stopped to give me a lift. Corey and I got into the car and I sat stunned in the back. The people asked why I was on the road in the middle of nowhere. They were in disbelief when I told them what had happened, they could not see the car.

These angels took me to a friend’s where I arrived just in time for breakfast and a nice warm cuppa.

Carl and Judy were stunned by my story and while Judy comforted me, Carl took off to see what could be done for the car. Some hours later when he returned he told me the car was fine, just a couple of dents in the roof and a broken rear windscreen. Then he took me to pick the car up.

I was terrified that I’d not be able to pay for the repairs. The mechanic gave me the bill and …. Guess what … it was for $100 even.   Daily dollar short!

Darilyn McMullen, Perth, Western Australia