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Miracle Story


John Hinwood

They're Not All Butchers

Submitted into: Miracles of Work Category,

On: 2008-02-14

A part of my vocational experience is to visit the practices of fellow chiropractors around the world and review their practices in many areas from clinical best practice to business management, communication and practice development.

I had flown to Sydney, Australia to do one of my practice reviews for a client. I took a taxi to her office and gave the driver the address on getting into the cab. As is my custom, I also gave the driver an Expect A Miracle card which she graciously received.

As we drove towards the doctor's office I told the driver that the place I was going to was a Chiropractic Centre and this would probably make it easier to find when we arrived on her street.

Up unto this point in time' my female cab driver had been really chatty. As soon as I said Chiropractic Centre' there was stone cold silence in the cab. After about five minutes of silence which was a very long period of time for this very chatty person to remain silent, my cabbie stated in an angry emphatic voice, chiropractors are butchers.

I remained silent for a minute or so and then replied, you're right, some chiropractors are butchers, like some cab drivers are butchers, some motor mechanics are butchers, some lawyers are butchers, some hairdressers are butchers, some dressmakers are butchers, every vocation in life has it's butchers.

Why do you say, chiropractors are butchers? I asked. She proceeded to relate to me that two days earlier she had taken her elderly mother to the chiropractor and he had hurt her badly and she could not now move her neck and she was in great pain. She continued to tell me that she would never take her Mother to a chiropractor ever again as they were now all butchers' in her mind.

Unfortunately out profession does have a very small number of butchers I said and I imagine you know a few cab drivers who are butchers also and you definitely would never let your Mum get into their cabs. She agreed. Have you ever had the awful experience of having a hairdresser butcher your hair I asked. She said, oh yes, it was horrible.

We then started to talk again about the happenings in life I shared with my concerned cabbie that the woman chiropractor I was about to visit with was a kind and gentle soul who cared for a diverse group of people from big male truck drivers to tiny new born babies.

Maybe her mother could visit with the doctor we were about to arrive at as I could give my driver and her mother a 100% guarantee that this wonderful chiropractor would not hurt her mother, in fact she could assist her mother to heal.

All of a sudden my driver mellowed and started to become excited that there was another side to things and in fact maybe with the right chiropractor her mother could be helped.

It was then that I reminded my driver to look again at the little card I had given her on getting into the cab. She said, oh yes, I do Expect A Miracle now thank you.

Her mother lived on the other side of Sydney and did not drive so the cabbie asked me did I know another chiropractor who was excellent in her mother's area.

After calling my office for a particular doctors phone number close to her mother, I telephoned the chiropractor, explained the history of the event and had him speak briefly with the cabbie. I then made an appointment with his assistant for the elderly lady. I assured the cabbie that this chiropractor was a gifted, caring and truly amazing man.

We finally arrived at the chiropractor's office. My beautiful caring cab driver leapt out of the car and raced around to give me a big hug, shed a tear and say thank you. She told me that from now on she would always Expect A Miracle and she'd treasure the little card I had given her.

John Hinwood