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Miracle Story


Jacque Rose

Ask For What You Need

Submitted into: Miracles of Attitude Category,

On: 2015-04-27 00:39:50

I was volunteering on a team, supporting a personal growth workshop, and we were right in the middle of a very crucial, quiet process when something caught my eye at the back of the room, and I saw someone’s head vanish behind a desk in a hurry.

Knowing there was something wrong, I went to investigate.

On the carpet, behind the desk, was one of my team mates, holding her elbow and writhing in pain.  She’d hit her elbow hard on a metal corner of the music equipment, right on the not-so-funny funny bone, and was holding her arm, trying not to make a noise.

The thought crystalised in my head.  She needed ice to hold on her arm to stop it bruising.  I had to find an ice pack.

Fully on purpose, and very clear on my single intention, I left the hall quietly, heading for the mobile cold room we had on site.  The electricity we had on site was from a generator, and we didn’t have a freezer, so the cold room was my best bet for something cold.

Ice, ice, ice.  I need ice.  I need ice.  The mantra kept running through my head as I moved through the hot sunlight to the kitchen.  Ice, ice, I need ice.

I got to the cold room, and opened the door.  Ice, I need ice.  There was no light inside the room, so I started feeling my way over everything on the shelves.  Ice, ice, ice…

I grabbed the coldest thing, which turned out to be a cucumber, and walked quickly back to the hall, slipped in as quietly as I’d left, and handed over the “ice” pack to my team mate.  Task complete, I totally let go of all thoughts of ice, and went back to the process which was still happening.

And that is where the story of the ice ended for me.  Or so I thought.

Three hours later, our group had moved outside.  We were in a clearing in the forest, at the bottom of a steep hill.  I could hear the creek through the trees, and while it was a bit overcast, it was still nice and warm outside.

All of a sudden I felt something land on my head, and again, and again.  It had started to rain, just a few spots here and there, nothing to worry about. 

And then it started to hail!

There were one or two pea sized hail stones on the ground in front of me!  Hail?  That cloud above us didn’t look dark enough to hold hail, but it did, and was dropping it all on us!

As soon as we realized what was happening, we all headed for cover, up the hill to the hall.  Before we had even gone half way up the hill, the ground was covered in a layer of small hailstones, making the footing extremely slippery.  We all managed to get to the top of the hill with no injuries, helping each other up the slippery slope, and by the time we had all made it inside, the ground looked like it had been snowing for a day or two.  After 10 minutes, the hail stopped.

The hail stayed on the ground, in the shadows, for the rest of the afternoon.  It had only hailed in the valley we were in and nowhere else.  It was an extremely localized weather event.

It wasn’t until a day or so later that I realized what had happened.  I had received the ice that I had asked for.  What a miracle!

I had asked for what I needed with very clear intent, holding that thought to the exclusion of all others, and then let it go to the universe.

Within 3 hours, the universe had answered with a miracle.

I had all the ice I could need.

I learned a few things from that experience:

  • Ask for what you need. 
  • Be very clear. 
  • Be simple. 
  • Let it go
  • Learn to look for the universes’ answer, in whatever form it may appear.
  • Expect miracles!

I also learned that whoever wrote “As cool as a cucumber” knew what they were talking about!


Jacqueline Rose

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia