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Miracle Story


Angela Brown

Multiple Miracles Can Happen and DO!

Submitted into: Miracles of Attitude Category,

On: 2015-04-19 20:06:37

Towards the end of last year my elderly father became gravely ill and I needed to fly to Scotland from Australia as soon as possible.   

I’ve been extremely fortunate to fly in Business Class on long-haul flights for quite a few years now.   Having more room has helped enormously to bring down the level of anxiety and even panic I’ve experienced at  feeling ‘trapped’ in the small environment of an aeroplane for many hours with no ‘means of escape’. However, I could not afford more than an Economy fare for this unexpected flight.

And there seemed to be one hurdle after another to cross with the booking process.   I went back and forward on the internet long into the night, comparing availability, prices and quickest routes and ended up too tired to make a decision.   By the time I picked the right one and went to book, the price had nearly doubled! I rang the airline who said there was nothing they could do because it was an internet price.

Then my daughter stepped in and somehow managed to delete the History on my laptop so that the cookies didn’t detect all the times I had been looking at the flight previously (and hence jacked up the price).   We got it down to nearly the original fare.  First miracle!

The day before, I had realised I would not have enough credit balance on my card so I had quickly paid it off .    However, it was not yet showing my payment online and I still had insufficient credit to cover the fare.    Again my lovely daughter came to the rescue and suggested I ring the credit card company to ask for my limit to be increased.    So I did this , explained my situation, they asked me a few questions and – second miracle! – the supervisor approved it on the spot.   She told me that I would not be able to book online yet though.

Back to the airline and made the booking over the phone.   So I was all set to fly out the following morning (I thought!) and went off to start packing.   Later, on the airline website  I desperately wanted to get an aisle seat so that I’d be able to get up and move around easily when I needed to.   But it kept telling me that I did not have a booking – what on earth was going on?

By this time it was too late to contact the airline again so I had no choice but to surrender and trust that when I turned up at the airport in a few hours, they would be able to find my booking.   Third miracle - surrendering is not something I have been very good at!

At the airport, after a lot of digging they finally located my booking.   The phone booking person had combined my middle and last names into a double-barrelled surname!    It took a while to sort it all out because you can’t travel with a ticket and a passport which bear names that don’t correspond.  And apparently there was now only one Economy seat left on the whole plane.    I was starting to feel very apprehensive, that it would be the worst seat, cramped and hemmed into a corner beside the toilets and the kitchen, next to babies crying for hours on end, I would freak out - worst scenario stuff.   But there was no choice, I had to get on that plane.

With a sinking heart, I boarded.   And as I walked up the Economy aisle I thought I had misread the number on my boarding card.   Because not only did I see it was an aisle seat, it was an exit row seat with ACRES of room!    (These are the seats which usually get booked months in advance by tall people and often you have to pay extra for them).  TWO more miracles!    But – wait – there’s more …

Normally when you sit in an exit row, you are asked to take responsibility for opening the door in case of emergency and, if not, you have to move even if that means swapping rows with someone.   I knew I am not strong enough to handle the door.    But this time round, I was not asked anything – probably because there were two tall, strapping young men sitting next to me who were obviously more than strong enough.    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And, honestly, the flight was easy and I managed to stay calm.    I could move around whenever I wanted and there was even room for me to stand up and do stretches without moving into the aisle.   And I was able to get to Scotland as quickly as possible and in a much better state to cope with my Dad’s passing away. 

So I guess my lesson is to keep trusting that everything happens for a reason and even when things look bleak, multiple miracles can happen and DO!


Angela Brown

Sydney, Australia