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Miracle Story


Marg Peck

Miracles Do Happen

Submitted into: Miracles of Family Category,

On: 2015-03-25 17:41:59

Life felt tough, I was feeling stuck.

In February 2015 I was not enjoying life. 

I was busy.  I felt overwhelmed. Something was not right. 

I have two teenage boys, both were starting at new schools.  The eldest is a serious road cyclist and I spent most of 2014 driving around the state and flying interstate with two or more bikes in tow and standing on the roadside holding my breath.  The younger boy is a cello player and would like to travel further afield to join an orchestra. My husband is a journalist and has been chronically under employed for several years and was feeling depressed, stuck and unhappy. My chiropractic practice is busy and abundant with 14 practitioners sharing a lovely space, I felt a need to expand but could not fathom how to do it without moving or doing major renovations and had no energy to contemplate any of this.

In my sorry state I had rushed one morning from one meeting and school delivery to another dealing with all the usual early morning issues and moods.  I forgot that our lovely old family dog had jumped into the car with me at 7.30 on the way to the station – one of the half dozen trips and events.  Later I did remember, ……. but on a 38 degree day – that was too late. 

I was devastated. Our family felt devastated. This was a seriously low point.  Something had to change.

I was praying for a miracle.

A week later I attended Australia’s annual chiropractic Dynamic Growth Congress in Melbourne.  Not in my best shape or state of mind.

John and Judy Hinwood were there and it was lovely to see them.I felt inspired by the development of the Stress Management Institute and the Certificate IV in Stress Management Practitioner training program they had created.

Wow… what an awesome direction to take my practice in, but there was a big BUT.  Time, money, energy - no way could I contemplate this for the foreseeable future.

 I left the conference with several of John’s “Expect A Miracle” cards and gave one out to each member of my family on my return.

 Four days later I got a call – it was John Hinwood. “Marg can you come to Brisbane this weekend, we have selected you to join the Certificate IV in Stress Management Practitioner training program.”

 And so the miracle started.

I work alternating Saturdays for the whole day and I am booked 4 weeks ahead so, I don’t reschedule people unless I am incapable of working.  But this was my weekend off.  There were no bike races booked in.  There were no family events.

I booked a flight for two days time.  I felt energized and excited.

That same day my husband got an email, “ we liked your application can we interview you by Skype”. That was an odd request for a job application 45 minutes from home – the Gisborne Herald.  He checked the job Seek site again – the job was in Gisborne, New Zealand.  He felt intrigued, we both did, so he did the Skype interview.

The interview went well, the people sounded lovely and the photos of Gisborne NZ looked amazing.

I flew to Brisbane.

An amazing, inspiring weekend at the Stress to Strength Experience workshop, people laughing, crying, sharing, healing, learning and growing.  Me included.  I felt happy and alive.  Brisbane looked lovely.

 If my husband was considering going all the way to NZ to work, maybe he should consider Brisbane.  So he did.

 A week later he had a job offer from NZ and one from Brisbane, both exciting expansive opportunities for him.

 It is now a month on.

I have had my second weekend in Brisbane doing my first three day Module of four in my twelve Certificate IV in Stress Management Practitioner training program. Again inspiring content, expansive thinking – an uplifting experience.

 My husband leaves for New Zealand in a week for a new job and adventure.  My youngest son said to him “ dad there is a sign at school, it says .. if opportunity knocks, get up and open the door”. The oldest said “ dad, go for it with all your heart”.

 My practice has been reinspired, I have a mountain of wonderful reading to get stuck into thanks the Stress to Strength program and a new direction for my work.

And we have a new puppy, his name is Sammy.  My youngest son Louis has taught him to sit, stay and jump through a hoop.  Louis has slept outside with Sammy for the past month, has spent less time on his electronic distraction devices, has been running laps of the garden in the morning before school and taking care of feeding Sammy both morning and night.  They are the best of friends.

 I feel more energy, vision and purpose in my life.

My family feels creative, expansive and re-inspired.

Miracles do happen.


Marg Peck

Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia