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Miracle Story


Alex Paradisis

Always Kiss and Hug Loved Ones Good Bye

Submitted into: Miracles of Lessons in Life Category,

On: 2015-01-05 19:57:38

Earlier this year I had woken up just like any other day. I   spent some time getting the kids off to school and was getting ready to start some solid time to study. As I sat down to study, I first spent some time looking at my Expect A Miracle Card that was in front of me. I then took a deep breath in and started to get stuck in to my studies.

Only five minutes had gone by when I received a call from my father wanting the keys of my 4X4 so could remove it from his garage. As I he made it an emergency for me to be there , the next thing I knew I was in my car driving off to attend to his so called emergency.

As I was driving over the bridge in Hobart I saw a truck approaching the opposite way, the next thing I knew a piece of scrap metal the width of the car came flighting off the truck and straight towards me. All I could do was close my eyes. Bang, smash I opened my eyes and saw the piece metal had smashed my windscreen. I pulled over once I got to the end of the bridge. I stopped and checked my self for injuries and it took a while to catch my breath.

That was it, I just had to find the truck that the piece of scrap metal came flying off just in case the same thing would happen to someone else, but next time it could be far worse. So I did a U turn as soon as possible and set off in search of the truck. There were three possible ways that the truck could have gone once it crossed the bridge. The first way was off to the left to the rubbish tip, the second was off  to the right to the industrial area,  or the third way was straight north to the other end of the state of Tasmania. If it had gone north I had minimal chance of catching it, and even worse, it would be traveling at higher speeds and more item may have come flying off .

So off I went first to the left because it was the closest point. As I was driving along pieces of glass where breaking off the windscreen and hitting me, but I could not stop, I just had to find the truck.  Nothing there, so then I tried to the right side hoping to catch up with the truck driver before anything else nasty happened. There it was, the truck was parked outside a metal recycling plant. I got out of my car and went inside and asked the office assistant…

“Did that truck parked right out front just park here 2 minutes ago?”
“Yes”, said the office assistant,
“ Well a piece of metal just flew off the back of the truck and smash my windscreen”,
“ Ill get the manager” replayed the office assistant

After a brief conversation with the manager the three of us went back with to find the piece of metal that flew off the truck. Once we found the piece and brought it back to the plant the manager could not of been more apologetic and said…
“My apologies, that has never happened here in the last 10 years since I have worked here. What we will do is for you to drive up the road with the office assistant we will make sure that your car is fixed by the local bodyworks shop and they will also give you a loan car.”

I was impressed that a major issue at this work place was handled immediately by the manager. He took immediate ownership of the situation and made the wrong right.

At the end of it all by the time I arrived at my father’s house a simple 5 minute trip had turned into a 1 hour journey. When I got there he had taken out the 4x4 with out the keys and ran over half of his garden bed, and all he said was, “thats right, always late”.

The Moral Of The Story Is:
1 -Always kiss and hug loved ones good bye for you do not know if you will ever see them again
2 - Always Expect A Miracle.

Alex Paradesis
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia