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Miracle Story


Jacque Rose

The 5cent Piece

Submitted into: Miracles of Money Category,

On: 2014-12-22 20:51:51

When I lived in Townsville, I was invited by a good friend to join her group for the afternoon.  They were going to cast a circle and complete a prosperity spell.  I’d never done something like that, and being quite curious about it, off I went.

We formed a circle and the ritual started.  We had all been asked to bring a 5c piece with us, and during the ritual, a bowl of water was passed around the circle.  We each placed our 5c piece into the bowl as it came past, and then the bowl was placed at the centre of the circle.  Words were spoken, asking for blessings and abundance, setting the intention of prosperity for us all.  The bowl was then passed back around the circle and we all took a 5c piece, dripping with water and symbolising receiving abundance, from the bowl, and the ritual was ended.

During the next week, my friend experienced multiple miracles!  She found $50 hiding in the cushions of her sofa, won $200 at Bingo, and received a refund cheque from Telstra (unheard of!!).

I had a very different experience.  It was, if you like, a slower miracle.  I started to find 5c pieces everywhere.  And I mean everywhere!  I found them on deserted beaches, in the middle of the street, on the ground in shopping centres, in the middle of the bush on a walking track, in the grass when I mowed and on the floor of the car.  I found them wedged in magazines, carpet, nooks and crannies.  I found them everywhere!  I even had someone hand me one they thought I had dropped, but hadn’t.  Every single one reminded me of abundance and the intentions we had set.

I was so intrigued by this phenomenon that I saved every 5c piece I found in odd places, and kept them in a special wooden box.  Eventually, I had enough to pay out a loan, which really was a miracle at just the right time.  It was a miracle 2 years in the making!

And if I ever have the chance to do the ritual again, I’m using a $100.00 note!


Jacqueline Rose

Brisbane, Qld, Australia