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Miracle Story


Linn Davies

The Miracle of Unconditional Giving

Submitted into: Miracles of Money Category,

On: 2014-12-17 22:57:28

I met up with a friend the other day and she told me a story which was truly a miracle.

My friend had decided to go to the Thrift Shop to buy a denim jacket and while she was looking around, a lady with a pram came in.

The lady was quite upset and was asking the assistant if the store could help her out with some nappies and baby food as she didn’t have any money and was desperate to feed the child.

The assistant said they didn’t have those sorts of items in the store and suggested she go to a nearby charity in a local church. She was so upset but thanked the assistant and went out.

My friend was so touched by this woman so she hurriedly paid for the jacket and went outside to find this woman. She saw her walk down the street towards the church so my friend hurried after her.

When she caught up with the lady she explained how touched she was with her plight and wanted to give her $20 to help her out. Of course the lady wouldn’t take the money but after much cajoling she finally accepted the cash.

Later on my friend was visiting another friend who she told about her purchase of the denim jacket and said she would model it for him. When she put it on she was showing all the little pockets and in one pocket she felt something. So she pulled out what she thought was a piece of paper to find a $20 note. She couldn’t believe her eyes and kept saying this is a miracle… this is a miracle.

When she related the story to her friend about what happen earlier they both were gobsmacked with what had occurred.

Linn Davies

Brisbane, Australia