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Miracle Story


Pamela Drake

Let the Little Children Dream

Submitted into: Miracles Of Self Category,

On: 2014-12-04 07:04:01

I had recently experienced a spiritual high, and my head had not stopped buzzing with creativity and positive thoughts. I still feel a definite sense of urgency to do God’s good works. I can now appreciate more, the simple things in life such as all the glorious colors of nature, the clean air that we breathe and the wonders of how our bodies and minds work for us. I feel such a deep love for all humankind, and especially for little children.

Our local County Fair was going on that week, and since my husband had to work the weekend, I decided to go to the Fair by myself. We live in a rural setting, and on my way, while driving down the country highway my attention was drawn to one side of the road by two big colorful umbrellas.

Under the umbrellas were two small boys, about ages 6 and 8, sitting at a small table in their driveway near the road, beside a sprawling cornfield. On the table were two large pitchers of Kool-Aid and a large cardboard sign that said, “Ice Cold Drinks 25 cents” printed carefully with black magic marker. I thought to myself, how cute they were, but didn’t stop immediately.

As I passed and their hopeful little faces turned to disappointment, I just had to turn around and give them my business. It was a very hot day, about 95 degrees in the shade, and here these two little businessmen were diligently putting their time in at their roadside stand with a backward 5 printed on the sign, hoping for success from their efforts.

I turned around just about a block down the hill from them, and as I pulled up and turned again to get over to their side of the street, they knew they had a customer.

The younger boy leapt out of his chair and began jumping up and down, clapping his hands, his face red from the excitement, and about all I could see were two happy blue eyes surrounded by this huge grin. The older boy tried harder to contain himself, but it was obvious as he rose from his chair clearly excited, that they had been there awhile and had had no customers so far.

As I got out of the car and approached them, the little guy was still clapping and grinning as the older boy worked hard at being the mature businessman, and he asked me if I wanted cherry or grape. I chose the grape as I wiped the sweat from the little one’s forehead and asked them if I was their first customer. The older boy replied that I was their first, as the little one was telling me of enduring the heat and “now we’re sweatin’ in our hair and everywhere”.

The older boy was still trying to contain his excitement and to be business like, as he shook while he carefully filled the glass about 1/3 full and handed it to me. I only had a dollar and some change in cash with me, and the cost of my refreshment would be a quarter. I pulled out the dollar and gave it to the little guy while the older one struggled with the heavy pitcher pouring my drink, half spilling onto the grass.

I told them that they were very good businessmen and that because they worked so hard to put this stand together, obviously all by themselves, they had earned the more than the cost of my drink. I think at that point, if I had $20 I would have given it to them. They both sucked in their breath, and thanked me with huge smiles. I took my glass to the car with me, and as I opened the door to get in, the older boy wished me a good day and thanked me once again.

I had a CD of contemporary gospel songs playing in the car, and as I got in with my drink, the boys watched, perhaps to see if I would really drink their product. I put the cup of Kool-Aid on the dash as I fastened my seatbelt, and saw them watching me. Lamb of God was playing on the CD, which is my favorite song of this artist, and tears began to well as I swallowed a huge lump in my throat and gulped the warm drink down, as they displayed enormous smiles.

As I pulled away and we waved to each other, I realized that I had never felt that good in my life. It was such a pleasure to know that I had brought such joy to two of God’s beautiful little children. And as I drove down the hill, I looked in my rearview mirror to see another car pulling in to give them more business, and I let my tears flow freely.

I could not help thinking that from their sheer surprise at my stopping, the parents of these little men possibly tried to discourage them from setting up their little business, telling them that it would not work for them, that they were being silly to even try. Yet the boys persevered and were rewarded for it. And I thought, “Here are two fine future businessmen, I’m certain of that!”

If you have a dream, you should do everything in your power to follow it and don’t ever let the dream stealers sway you from it, no matter who they may be. Every adult could learn a lesson in dreaming. My teachers just happened to be these precious little men.


Pamela J. Drake

Wisconsin, USA