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Miracle Story


Dr John Hinwood

California Miracles

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On: 2014-08-14 17:59:15

I arrived at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) at 10.30am on a cool morning in late July this year after my long-haul thirteen hours plus flight from Sydney.

My journey that day had begun in Australia from my home town of Brisbane. The Virgin Australia flight I travelled on looked comfy enough and I immediately settled into the seat which was to be my tiny part of the world for my journey half way around the globe.

Since my last Virgin Australia flight a couple of years earlier on the trans-Pacific route they had created a new way of supplying passengers their personal inflight support pack. They had created a clear thick plastic envelope with a red zippered top which contained a red card with a welcome message, ear plugs,  eye mask for those who needed darkness to sleep and a set of headphones to use so passengers could enjoy the inflight music, movies, TV or radio show selections.

I’m a movie lover and sometimes on long-haul flights I’ll watch several movies if the selection is good. This flight had wonderful choices so I was about to start the six day relaxation phase of my trip with a movie feast.

For the past two years I have worn hearing aids as my hearing had gradually deteriorated  over several years. The television volume needed to be so loud at home that our neighbours could hear it next door. Things had to change, so I was extensively tested and then purchased tiny aids that fit into the ear canals and are totally concealed. It’s amazing Swiss technology and nobody has any idea that I am wearing hearing aids.

As my daily work routine involves a lot of telephone consulting, mentoring and coaching I wear muff style over-the-ears headphones which means my hearing aids can stay in place.

The plane headphones were the style that the ear pieces actually fit into the ear canals. So I could watch the movies, I had to take out my hearing aids.  My little beauties are worth $11,500.00 for the pair so I am exceptionally careful where I store them when I sleep, shower, swim in the pool each day or when I go to the beach. Fortunately, my hearing is not completely lost, only quite decreased, so I can hear without my aids if people speak directly to me and the background noise is minimal.

Before taking out my aids I thought carefully about where would be the best place to store them. My solution was, in the plastic storage envelope that the headset and the other goodies had arrived in. Which I did. Very good thinking… so I thought, at the time.

In LA I packed up my gear and checked the seat pocket in front twice, and finally decided that the plastic envelope that the headphones had come in was not something I needed so I left it there for the cleaners to dispose of. On long haul international flights it is incredible the mess people can create and leave behind on an aircraft. This flight looked like a storm had hit the interior of the plane as I disembarked. The cleaners would be busy.

After clearing customs and immigration I looked for the town car driver who was to take me to my friends’ home on the harbour front at Newport Beach, about an hour from the airport.

After several calls Ken my driver finally found me and we set out. About twenty minutes down the freeway I was having trouble hearing my driver speaking to me from the front seat. For some reason I put my right index finger to my right ear canal to make sure my hearing aid was secure and a dreadful feeling came over me. Oh no! No hearing aid. I quickly checked the other ear and my night mare was real.

My thoughts instantly were that the plane had been cleaned and had headed off.

Ken called Virgin, only to be directed to a help desk in India which was less than useful. Back to LAX and to the Virgin Australia counter. Alas, not a soul in sight! The check in agent at Virgin America next door said that no Virgin Australia staff would be on duty until 3pm. It was 11am!!

Years ago at an Anthony Robbins seminar he shared that if you get a ‘no’ to your question, you need to ask a different or better question, or ask another person who is connected to the subject, business, project etc. I immediately sought out the check in floor supervisor for Virgin America who told me that the room with the No Entry marked on it, at the end of the long corridor, past the check in hall, past the men’s washroom, was actually the office of the Virgin Australia LAX Manager.

I was very fast paced in arriving at that No Entry door. A kind, warm and caring voice answered, ‘come on in’. It was a struggle to slowly ask my first question, “Has VA1 that arrived early this morning from Sydney headed to another destination yet?” His answer, “no”. I sighed. “Has it been cleaned yet?” His answer, “no, it is parked at present and will not be cleaned until this afternoon before its evening departure to Sydney”, WOW… I was expecting a miracle, and I received it.

The manager called his ground supervisor who walked out to the plane to retrieve my plastic envelope from the seat pocket of 44G. He said it will take 15 to 20 minutes. “I’ll come and get you when my man arrives with your hearing aids.”

As I moved away from the counter a spritely elderly African American man approached me and asked was I Australian. On confirming a yes, he told tell me that he had been trying to get a Sydney, Australia telephone White Pages Directory for the previous five years with no luck. I asked him if he had an electronic device in his briefcase that had an internet connection, and he said yes.

We Googled Sydney Australia telephone White Pages Directory. Bingo!! Up came his much sought after directory. He was stoked. I’ve no idea why he needed that. He  opened his brief case again to put away his device and handed me a clipping from the Los Angeles Times newspaper which had a half page article about him including a photo of him holding his briefcase with a bumper sticker on it reading… WHO IS JOHN SCOTT?

The article headline read… ”74-year-old tagger is fined, put on probation”. The article went onto say he was dubbed the oldest vandalism suspect ever arrested by the Los Angeles County Sheriffs’ Department. (Tagging is spray painting on public property)

I gave him an Expect a Miracle card and he said to me as he walked out of the doors onto the side walk, “this was truly a miracle finding you today and getting the White Pages Directory after all these years”. Miracle #2 for the day.

John Scott was only 50 metres away from the doors when a police car came roaring up, siren screaming, and two officers jumped out and grabbed him. Within moments more and more police cars arrived with officers leaping out and donning riot gear, helmets, bullet proof vests, strapping holders onto their waists and thighs and arming themselves with AK47 rifles and pump action shot guns. Pretty scary stuff.

The circle loop roadway outside was cut-off from regular traffic and only open to more and more police cars arriving with loud sirens.

Ken was still waiting for me and said let’s go NOW. We dashed across the road, down the stairs, roared out of the parking garage and high tailed it out of the airport before the whole place was shut down.

It was a close call as President Obama was in town and an unidentified packet had been left unattended and unclaimed in the International Terminal. John Scott was known and was found on the scene. Fortunately they didn’t come after us as possible associates of his.

A miracle escape and the day was still young.

Off to Newport Beach again.

Ken told me that he had collected my friends, Phil and Mary, from their beach house a number of times in the past to bring them to LAX. At the wonderfully relaxing haven of Newport Beach we eventually made our way to my friends’ home where Mary would be waiting for me. “Here we are sir” was Ken’s greeting as we pulled up outside the palatial residence at 1206 W. Bay. Ken quickly had my bags out and beside me and as I was about to ring the doorbell he was driving off.

Something inside me told me to call out, “wait a moment please Ken”. He stopped and waited as I attempted to raise Mary. No answer. I asked him to please call Phil at work and find out if there was a key with a neighbour, or was there somewhere else I needed to wait.

Ken stepped out of the car and collected my bags as he told me that he had made a mistake. Phil and Mary actually lived at 1314 W. Bay.

A little over one hundred large properties down the road and I eventually was greeted by Mary. As they say, things often come in threes and this was my third ‘miracle of the day’.

What an eventful arrival in California. Miracles of travel abound.


Dr John Hinwood, Brisbane, Australia