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Miracle Story


Dr John Hinwood

The Miracle of Gratitude

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On: 2014-06-12 12:23:29

For the past thirty eight years I have enjoyed sending out written messages and cards of ‘Thank You’ on a very regular basis to folk who have displayed good will towards me.

In September of 1977 in Dallas, Texas I heard a short dynamic Texan, Dr James W Parker talk on the power of gratitude, and how rewarding it was for our souls to engage in a life-long habit of saying ‘Thank You’.

At that Parker Seminar Judy and I purchased several packs of ‘Thank You Grams’, each pack containing 50 bright yellow sheets of envelope size paper and 50 yellow envelopes which had on the upper top left hand area the words, THANK YOU GRAM... A gift from the heart. This same message was written across the top of each of the note sheets also.

In 1977 Telegrams were still delivered by the Post Office to celebrate special events in peoples’ lives such as births, engagements, marriages and other  personal happenings. In fact, my first summer job at fourteen years old in the Christmas school holidays of 1960 in Sydney, was as a Post Office Telegram Boy. I was dressed in uniform which included a cap, wore around my waist a special leather pouch to carry the telegrams and rode a distinctive red push bike (no gears, very basic). Under the cross bar of the bike there was a plate attached that read... PMG(Post Master General).

After the seminar in Dallas we flew back very excited to Toronto, Canada where I had just started my first practice.

I was in my third month of chiropractic practice and did start to send out Thank You Grams to each person who referred me a new patient. Dr Jim at the seminar had also said to send out messages of thanks to those clients who bring you gifts; those special souls who always arrive at your office with a magical smile on their face, no matter what is happening in their lives; and to those people who bring you joy from something special they do for you.

After a number of years the Thank You Grams were no longer available and we moved to buying cards that either had a Thank You message on them or the card carried some type of inspirational message.

In 1987 when I started handing out Expect A Miracle cards, I included one of these little beauties with each card I sent out.

A few years on, I added a heavy sprinkling of tiny and very colourful hearts and stars to the inside of the card once I had placed it in the envelope. You can just imagine what happens when someone opens the card over the computer keyboard, over their freshly vacuumed white carpet or over their meal! Great fun!!

The power of the Thank You message you send is the love and thought you convey in it and the written words you express in the very personal message you have hand written yourself.

In the span of a few weeks in the mid 1980’s, I had two elderly widows arrive at our practice for their adjustment visits, both had similar items in their cloth carry bags that they were so excited to show me. These two women did not know each other.

These were kind and gentle souls, widows, mothers, community supporters and givers. They had both gone out of their way to bring me a gift of thanks for how their lives had been changed for the better under chiropractic care.

Both women loved our wall mounted quote that read... “Chiropractic adds years to life, and life to years.”

On receiving each of these gifts I sent them a card of thanks the same day.

Over the years both of these women would have been thanked verbally many times by family, friends, acquaintances and strangers for acts of kindness they had displayed.

As strange as it maybe, neither had ever been thanked with a card mailed to them that marked their special act and gift of giving. The card they received from me was a unique experience in their lives.

To mark the experience that was so heart-felt by both of these dear women, they had their Thank You card framed.

What was so important to each of them were the words of thanks I had taken the time to write on their card.

Each of these beautiful women prior to placing their card on the wall so they could read the words each day, was to take their  framed piece and pass it around at the Church Guild, the Bridge Club, Meal On Wheels and other community groups they were members of. They each beamed when they showed me their item of joy.

My learning here was that the power of the written word can be a ‘miracle message’ for some people and extremely healing.

It’s easy to become a ‘Miracle Man’ or a ‘Miracle Woman’ and send out special cards of thanks to others from time to time.

I share this with you as a way I have found to ‘pay it forward’, moving the good energy around so we all live better lives.


Dr John Hinwood

Brisbane, Qld, Australia