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Miracle Story


Linn Davies

So, What Was The Gift?

Submitted into: Miracles of Attitude Category,

On: 2014-04-28 11:15:23

Lately, like others, I have been through some challenges – mundane challenges compared to others.  Like others, I have allowed my thoughts to dictate my day to day living.

One of my ‘meditation circle’ members mentioned a book to me which lead me to re-read some of the notes that my mother had left behind. She passed over thirteen years ago now.

From this re-read of the notes I decided to do a few exercises in attraction. The following are the results of my efforts, and also the learning I received.

The first exercise was to ask for a gift to arrive within the next 48 hours – for me to be aware of it and for it not to be a coincidence. The gift didn’t need to be material, it could be as small as child giving me a smile for no reason, but I needed to recognise the gift.

Twelve hours after asking for the gift – I was at the movies with a friend and after traipsed off to the bathroom. On coming out I found myself holding the door open for about 10 women. One woman stopped and told me how lovely I was holding the door and wanted to hold it for me to go out. She followed me out and we proceeded to have a very uplifting conversation about the movie we had just seen. My friend and I commented to each what a lovely woman she was and then it dawned on me, that this was my gift.

But it didn’t stop there, I still had 36 hours to go. The next morning I decided to do another exercise – this one about seeing yellow butterflies. I was heading out the door to spend the day in a major shopping centre and on the way thought to myself that I probably wouldn’t see any butterflies there so maybe I should change what I wanted to see to something else – “oh ye of little faith”.

I wasn’t long in the shopping centre when a guy I know turned up and gave me some good news which was advantageous to me so instantly I thought –this is the gift, and I was very happy.

I turned from him and walked into a lady wearing a scarf and immediately thought “how odd to be wearing a scarf on such a hot day”. I looked down at the scarf and saw butterflies and in the middle yellow butterflies. Out loud I said “I don’t  believe it”, and then had to explain to the lady what I was on about. She didn’t bat an eyelid about this mad woman asking to see yellow butterflies –we had a laugh and went on our ways.

The day hadn’t finished – after lunch I received a text from a good friend of mine who asked me if I wanted to go to the opening night of The Rocky Horror Show that night. I said, yes of course and instantly thought – no this is the gift!

When I got to the show I was telling my friends Robin and Elizabeth all the things that had happened and especially about the yellow butterflies when Elizabeth pointed to the front of her dress and there was a yellow butterfly brooch. It was so remarkable.

Of course the show was fabulous – we were five rows from the front in the middle. It turned out to be the 40th Anniversary of the show and the writer was present. We went onto the after party which sealed the night –so that was the gift?

You know what I feel the gift was – living in the moment and enjoying it. Realising that each and every day has these little gifts which often we miss because we are so wrapped up in all the negatives that are happening to us and around us. We find ourselves focussing on those negatives and go through life with blinkers on not seeing the positives and missing all the miracles.

What have I put into practice since... each morning now I ask for a day full of gifts (small miracles) and that I am able to recognise each one.  I find myself looking for the gifts in the people I meet and the things I do. I am finding that random acts of kindness are becoming less random for me. My world is now full of miracles.


Linn Davies

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia