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Miracle Story


Dr Paul Pringle
Northern Ireland

The Miracles Just Keep Coming

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2014-03-11 14:06:43

I have seen many miracles in my fifty plus years of practice in the USA, Australia and of more recent time, in Ireland.

Its easy in many ways, as there are so many obvious miracles that happen in Chiropractic offices, including my own and all around the world, every day. So many that they just become common-place to us! Sometimes they can even become surreal and you think it maybe would have happened anyway, even without Chiropractic care! - Im sure you know well what I mean by that. But I guess thats the point. Its this living body that works the miracles.

What about the many unseen miracles that happen when you adjust someone, with little or no symptoms, and a terminal cancer cell is detected and destroyed, or life threatening auto-immune disease is nipped in the bud! What about when a fever is introduced to combat an infection or serious virus early in the life of a child or an infant and literally saves their life!
I would think that most of the real miracles, which happen in a chiropractor’s office, would be totally unnoticeable! An enhanced and interference free nervous system stops problems before theyve even begun. Normal physiology, interference FREE, is the real miracle and sometimes you stand dumbfounded in admiration of its power!

You know well that this body can make living flesh and blood out of a pizza and a beer.
The intelligence that each of us are blessed with, right from conception, before we went to school, grew from one tiny cell into hundreds of trillions of cells, all different, coordinated and working in harmony. To adapt this home we live in (called our body) to this hostile environment sees the miracle continue! There are over 60,000 miles or 100,000 kilometers of blood vessels in our bodies; hows that for a miracle! There are more brain connections than stars in the heavens! Your body does chemistry in seconds. Humankind cant even come close. There is seemingly no limit to how much information can be stored in our built-in computer, the brain. If thats not a miracle I dont know what is!

I realize Im preaching to the choir here so I thought the best idea might be to tell my own personal story which I know was a Chiropractic miracle. I know I would not be alive or at best have the quality of life I now enjoy without the miracle of Chiropractic care.

At nine years of age I was hit by motor car and seriously injured. I was in and out of the hospital and my health was never the same. My immune system was severely compromised; my right arm was numb and partially paralyzed. I suffered from migraine headaches so severely they would put me in the hospital from dehydration. Every bug and virus that came along seemed to have my name on it and I would often end up back in the hospital with pneumonia, sometimes twice a year. My spine would literally spasm and seize up. I was only nineteen years of age when they wanted to do radical surgery including a laminectomy and spinal fusion on my back! I had literally taken so many antibiotics the doctors felt my body was becoming immune to their effects; they could have trouble controlling any future infections!

Out of sheer desperation, as so often is the case, my parents took me to a chiropractor and that saved my life. No surgery, no more antibiotics, immune system improved out of sight, my arm returned to almost complete normal function and no more headaches. Thank God and the chiropractor!  I was in my third year of pre-med and I quit to study Chiropractic, at the Palmer College, in Davenport. Iowa, USA some fifty five years ago.

I have seen many miracles, in those 50+ years of practice, but still the one that really keeps me showing up for work on Monday morning is my own miracle! It motivated me so much I became the most remote chiropractor in the world for some fifteen years and established the first flying Chiropractic service in the southern hemisphere in the outback of Central Australia.