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Miracle Story


Dr Liam P. Schubel

A Life Changing Ambulance Ride Through the Andes Mountains of Peru

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On: 2014-03-03 17:38:28

I worked as a chiropractor in Lima, Peru and throughout South America for almost ten years.  Early one morning, I arrived at one of our chiropractic centers to find an ambulance parked in front.  I was immediately concerned that someone in my office had been injured.

The ambulance driver greeted me at the door and informed me that he had driven his ambulance for eight hours, through the night, over the Andes Mountains to the desert coasts of Lima in search of “Doctor Miracle.”  What is that doctor’s name? I inquired.  “Sir we have come from Huancayo, Peru by orders of a very powerful woman to see a chiropractor named Dr. Liam Schubel.  Where can we find him?"  I told him that they had found their man!

I was taken to the back of the ambulance to see a broken and battered man. He was quite horrifying even to look at.  He was covered in blood and his breathing was shallow.  I told the ambulance attendants to bring him into the office so that I could interview him and get him set up for X-rays.

I was told that this poor fellow had been drinking the night before and had fallen off a third floor terrace crashing on the unforgiving pavement below. This young, recently married man was completely paralyzed below the waist.

I was shown a MRI and CT scan and was informed that this patient, barely in his twenties, had been told by the doctors at the hospital that he would need extensive spinal surgery to treat his injuries and that he was most certainly going to be paralyzed for the rest of his life. They added that he would also be incapable of ever having children with his new wife.

I asked why they had not opted for the surgery. “We were ordered to see you by a respected woman from our town; she assured us that you could help us as you had helped her avoid a spinal surgery many years ago.  She calls you “Doctor Miracle.”

I took the young man back to be X-rayed and found the bones in his upper neck severely misaligned and putting massive pressure on his brain stem.  With a specific chiropractic adjustment I helped restore the alignment of those bones getting the pressure off the brain stem.  I sent the young man to a nearby hotel and told him that I would be checking his spine three times a day for “as long as it took” to ensure that he had no interference to his nerve system.  I assured him that this was his best chance for recovery. The power to heal was inside of him. We just needed to make sure there were no blockages to the healing power within.

The next day he came in on a stretcher again.  The following day he was in a wheel chair.  The following day he was walking with assistance and in two weeks he was walking unaided.  We all had some good cries together during those days!

Approximately ten years passed after his recovery and I never saw him again during that time.  Then one day a vibrant man in his thirties came in with an eight year old girl.  Remember me Dr. Miracle?  I was the man that arrived here on the stretcher with a prognosis of certain paralysis and no hope of ever having children.  I want to introduce you to my daughter!  We hugged, cried, and gave thanks for the miracle that chiropractic and the innate healing power of that man’s body had provided for us all.