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Miracle Story


Jeanne Ohm
United States

I Was In a Wheel Chair

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2014-01-27 17:03:58

My name is Jeanne Ohm and Im a chiropractor from Philadelphia.  Im married to a chiropractor, Tom, and we have practiced together for twenty eight years.  We have six children and they were all born at home.

When Tom and I were nineteen years old, we were out with Toms brother on a gorgeous sunny day. Im kind of scared of heights so this was a little irrational but I jumped off a cliff and felt myself falling pretty fast. I had no shoes on so I decided Id break my fall by bringing my feet up and just kind of land on my butt. That didnt work out so well. I fractured my spine in two places. That put me into the hospital and I had physical therapy, drugs, rehabilitation and everything else that goes with that.

After a year of traditional medical care, I still had a pretty bad back and I was in a wheel chair.  I was not able to do what I needed to do as we were supporting ourselves.  We went to a chiropractor and thank God he was a chiropractor who really knew what a chiropractor is. He was able to tell us the chiropractic story and explain what happens when you have an accident and major nerve pressure is the result. He was really good and explained it all so clearly.

On the first day the chiropractor didnt want to start caring for me until he explained the essence and philosophy of chiropractic.  I couldnt really listen because I was in pain and so I said to Tom, whatever you decide is fine, just pick the best option.

 After three months of very regular chiropractic care, I noticed that my asthma, my allergies and my migraine headaches had gone. My menstrual cycles were becoming regular.

I had been a pretty sick child.  I had had three major surgeries by the time I was six years of age but right here in front of me my whole health was going through tremendous changes.  I asked the chiropractor what he was doing to me and he said he explained all this to me on the first visit.  “You would have heard me say that we will be reducing interference in the nervous system and allowing the inner potential of the body to express its self. For each and every one of us thats different. Now you are starting to express who you really are.” He went on and said, “Tom, why dont you be a chiropractor and you, Jeanne, could be the receptionist.”  Gee! And I only said, “What?”

As the result of his question we both studied chiropractic and had our six kids, who were born at home. Thats a miracle for my husband and I, after my spinal history, but of course this is the way the body is meant to function when it is healthy, to give birth following the laws of nature.


Dr Jeanne Ohm

Pennsylvania, USA