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Miracle Story


Dr Jim Sigafoose

When The Interference Is Removed

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2014-01-06 12:34:26

I’ve been a chiropractor for fifty years in the US and I have dedicated myself to the principles of chiropractic. If you have the consciousness of who you are and what you are, then you often attract people with a very wide array of diseases. I would like to share some chiropractic miracle stories with you.

One in particular comes to mind. This man drove about forty-five miles to get to my office and he had to stop about every ten minutes to run into a bathroom to pass urine, mucous and blood. When he came into our office he told me that had lost sixty pounds and that he had had this problem for eighteen months. He had been in hospital and they wanted him to live off of baby food. He wanted to know if there was anything we could do.

Well, my answer to him was that if we could find out where life was being shut off, we could turn it back on by moving the right bone and God would do the healing. He said that it sounded like something he would like to do.  I told him that I was not a nutritionist, I’m not going to discuss what you should or shouldn’t eat, but I going to suggest that you don’t eat baby food, or much of it. I going to suggest you eat coconut.  He said, “Coconut?  I have a bleeding colon and I’m to eat coconut? Gosh, what’s that going to do to me?”  I said, “It’s going to scrub you right out, it may irritate it but so what, if it will clear the colon.”

After the fourth visit, he had his first formed bowel movement in about eighteen months.  We worked with him, and continued to work with him, and he began to have proper sleep. He began to gain weight. Then he gained all of his weight back. He didn’t have to stop anytime between his home and our office to go to the bathroom. It took us about eight to nine months for him to completely heal.

Now how did that happen?  A reason to have somebody adjusted or to be adjusted yourself is to turn on this thing called life. By replicating normal cells instead of abnormal cells the body heals itself. It simply needs someone to correct the subluxation in the spinal column and the spine to maintain that correction, for the body to rebuild itself from inside out. This young man has now continued to go to my office for care and he probably will be a lifetime chiropractic person, not because he has had backaches and strains ‘fixed,’ but because he realizes that the best thing for him to do is to maintain the integrity of his nervous system so it can function the way it was designed.

Another memorable story is about Timmy. He was at the end of his battery of inoculations, his DPT shots, and within twenty four hours his mother noticed that he was unable to move as well as he usually could.  He kept getting worse and worse and worse and ultimately he began to develop rheumatoid arthritis - in an eighteen- month-old child who was previously healthy. As he came in to my office, barely walking, he leaned forward like an old man with his hands all crippled.  His mother brought him in and I started to adjust him.

His mother asked about his diet. I said “I’m not a dietician, I’m a chiropractor, and I’m simply going to adjust the spine. I’ll send him to a great nutritionist who will teach you how to use live high energy raw foods and grains.” Utilizing the intelligence thats already in that child, called innate intelligence, the body was able to use the food energy that was put into that child to rebuild the body.

That’s all we did, and we continued to work with Timmy.

In a matter of about eight months he started to walk like a normal child, and his hands returned to normal function and his general body functions were just like any other child. The only difference was that he threw his right foot out a bit when he walked, but within a year, that had also improved.

It was not because we were treating so called arthritis that Timmy got better; we weren’t treating anything, for that matter. We were simply adjusting the spine and he was referred to a woman who was an excellent nutritionist.

In 1970 my wife developed cancer in several areas of her body. She had a lot of pain in her hip and I would adjust her and that adjustment would hold for maybe five or ten minutes and that was all. I sent her to a famous chiropractor, Dr Jerry Clum, and he took her to his nutritionist. What she ended up doing was living on distilled water and consuming copious amounts of freshly made juice. We used a special juicer and she consumed the fresh juice within ten minutes. Every night just before bed she had special nutritionals.

My wife’s adjustments started to hold for two or three days, then a week, then two weeks, then for a month. She has no cancer today and doesn’t expect to have any.

It was a great result. Now, I don’t consider that a miracle, I consider that that result is just the way things are supposed to be. Most certainly she put high energy fluids into her body for her innate intelligence to use to rebuild her as well as her adjustments.  Innate is always going to rebuild you normally, not abnormally, and that’s exactly what happened so that’s not a miracle. Nature heals. Some people call that miraculous.

I recall another woman asked to talk to me. She said, “My husband hit me last night.”  I said “Wow” and she said, “Yeah.” She weighed about ninety-five pounds soaking wet, and she said “He drinks a lot and gets drunk almost every day, and hes very mean. We’ve been married for thirty five years.

My daughter wanted to have a puppy, so we got a puppy in the house and he killed the puppy. I just don’t know what to do. I think it’s because he has a lot of pain in his knee. His knee is all red and swollen and he cant straighten his legs. He has to walk around sort of on his toes all the time, and I think that’s aggravating his knee so that hes even worse than hes ever been. Can you help him?”

I said “Well, I really don’t know. Where is he?” “He’s out in the truck”. “Well, tell him to come in.” I had an old Victorian house and I could hear him, thump, thump, thumping as he walked across the porch, and when he came in, I saw that he weighed probably three hundred and fifty pounds, a huge man. He said, “I want to give you a try.”  I said, ‘I don’t do try.” We started to talk a little bit and I told him what I wanted him to do. We X-rayed him. We went ahead and worked with him for four, five maybe even six months and he came in just like he should. He was very good about being there and doing what he needed to do.

An amazing thing happened. His wife came in and she said, “Doc what did you do to my husband?” I said, “Why, did he die?” And she said, “No, he kissed me last night for the first time in years.” And hes been putting our daughter on his lap, reading bedtime stories to her. I don’t know what is happening to him, he hasn’t kissed me for all these years, and now he’s stopped drinking.” I said, “Wow, tell him to come in.”

I heard the same thump, thump, thump and he came in walking on his toes, just the same. I will tell you that his knee was maybe a little worse than it was the first time I saw him. It wasnt getting any better, not at all. But he had stopped drinking, kissed the wife and bought a rabbit. His little girl has a rabbit hopping around the house. This man’s personality completely changed. Did his knee get any better? No. Did anything good happen? I would say, yes. You can call that a miracle if you wish, but that’s just a typical occurrence when we tap into something that is supposed to happen in nature and it does!


Dr Jim Sigafoose

Maryland, USA