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Miracle Story


Scott Garber

From Learning Disabled To Chiropractor

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2014-01-02 17:48:11

My first visit to a chiropractor was in the 1990’s. I’d only ever visit the chiropractor because my back hurt or my neck hurt. Someone I met referred me to a unique chiropractor who really motivated me and in time I understood that my path in life was to become a chiropractor also.

How this happened was that I was lying on his adjusting table one day complaining about my back and Michael my chiropractor said to me, “Why are you here?” and then just left the room. And I remember sitting on the table, thinking, “Why am I here?”

Did he mean, “Why am I here in this office?” or “Why am I here as a human being?”  I just sat there contemplating what it was that this question really meant. At that time in my life I was a high school drop-out. I didn’t really do anything with my life that felt like I was living up to my full potential.  As I laid there on the table thinking... “What does this really mean? Why am I here? What is it that I’m on Earth here to do?” Then I sat there thinking, “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?” and with that the chiropractor walked back into the room and said to me, “I think you’re meant to be a chiropractor”, which I thought was very profound.

The miracle in it is that until that point in my life, I was very, very afraid of doing anything educational because I’d dropped out of school at an early age because I’m learning disabled. I’m very dyslexic.

My answer to Michael was, “I think you have the wrong person. It can’t be. I didn’t graduate from high school. I’m learning disabled. There’s no way I could become a chiropractor.”

My chiropractor then took the time to explain to me that with some intensive chiropractic care my life would change and I could study to become a chiropractor. He went on to say that my dyslexia would be a thing of the past and he felt that chiropractic was my journey. I thought about it long and hard and I was very afraid but I said, “You know what? That sounds like something I wanted to do because my life has changed so much thanks to my chiropractic care.”

I did go to Chiropractic College, I worked hard.  What I did was a challenge but I worked hard. I took the pre-requisites initially to go ahead and get my college degree. In 2001 I became a chiropractor. And so, for me, that was a miracle in my life because I had always been labeled as being a learning challenged dyslexic. My teacher always told me I would never amount to anything, but I have amounted to something and I’m now able to actually bring the blessing of chiropractic to people around the world.

After graduation from Chiropractic College in the US I moved to Australia to practice for a number of years and then did some Chiropractic mission work in the third world before moving back to the States. I feel blessed.


Dr Scott Garber