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Miracle Story


Dr Ivone De Marchii

The Sick Baby Who Beat the Odds

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2013-12-23 11:50:40

I’ve been a chiropractor for thirty-five years and this is one of the miracle stories that happened to me when I was six months into practice. This desperate couple brought in their very young daughter to seek my opinion as well as   my perspective of what, if anything could be done to help the baby.

Their six-month-old daughter that had been born a quadriplegic, meaning that her arms and legs were paralyzed. She couldn’t scream or cry as she had no voice because of the very traumatic birth process. Her head and neck had been over-stretched, twisted, tugged and strained during the experience. And they brought her to me as the last resort because  all the North American health professionals they had consulted said that she wouldn’t survive another two to three months because she had already stopped breathing at night. They had to stay awake through the night monitoring their baby 24/7.

Anyway, they brought her in, and I checked this beautiful little soul and she was about five to six months old at that time. And being a new graduate, I didn’t know how to handle this. We were not taught in our academic classes or clinical conferences how to examine, let alone care for an extreme case like this. But, what I did was, just let my innate intelligence or inner being guide me and I gave her a very thorough examination and found she had numerous subluxations or areas of major nerve pressure in her upper neck and lower spine.

As the parents were told by the medical establishment that nothing was possible to save their baby and that she would pass on in a few months, they said to me, “If you even think there is a slight chance to help our baby, please do what you can, now.”

I mapped out a care plan and got started. I adjusted the spine, especially the upper neck area, with regular intensive visits. After about two to three weeks she started to cry and that was to the parents’ ears a miracle, because she had never cried from birth!  Her name was Karen. Previously this little baby opened her mouth and she welled up in her eyes, she would have tears flow down her face, but there was no sound at all. She could only move her torso so very slightly at this time also. So when I heard her cry for the first, I thought, “this really is a miracle.”

However, she couldn’t move her arms yet, so we continued to work with her and after about another six to eight months, she started moving her arms. How we initially found out was when the parents were placing her in her crib to sleep, the child would wake up always in the same position she was in when they placed her there the night before. But after months of spinal adjustments they actually found her on her stomach in the morning much to their surprise.

She started to move her arms a little bit during the day also and then she gradually gained more and more strength, more flexibility, and more agility. Her arms became normal.  We also worked on her lower back with adjustments and she started to gain some control of her legs and we continued to correct her on a weekly basis for the next five to six years.  The best we could do with her legs was to see rotation of her feet and this produced flexion of her thighs.

I had to move the location of my office and her parents had to bring the child to my new office, which had stairs to go up and down. They decided that at this point in time that after six to seven years of regular chiropractic care there was probably not much more that could be done to see Karen’s health improve anymore and they stopped bringing her for her weekly visit.

By this time Karen was wheelchair-bound. She also had a marked scoliosis or severe spinal curvature as a result of the birth trauma and she had steel rods placed in her spine to assist her with posture and take pressure off her internal organs.

When I reflect back on this amazing patient experience I often ask myself, what did I learn? I trusted my innate intelligence when academically and clinically I had no background with such cases. I adjusted her spinal subluxations to help in the restoration of the best possible nerve supply to her body. She did improve very slowly she didn’t die as all the medical experts had predicted.

Karen is a fantastic person. She has her university degree now and every time she sees me, she smiles and hugs me and I hug her and give her a kiss and that’s my miracle story.


Dr Ivone De Marchii

Toronto, Canada