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Miracle Story


Dr Jamie Laws

Premenstrual Syndrome: It’s Gone

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2013-12-16 11:19:24

A young woman in her thirties came to my office as a referral from another chiropractor who lives in a different province in Canada.  Her brother-in-law originally recommended that she should see a chiropractor but had not given her any specific advice about who to see.  She had been seeing a chiropractor and really did not have any significant change in her condition.  I had the opportunity to go to a family wedding in Alberta with this brother-in-law and he asked me to see her. Part of what makes this profession so interesting is that it’s always good to be able to help someone that you have a connection with. 

The young woman had a lot of pain and stiffness in her neck, in her shoulders, in her legs and in her arms but in particular in her right arm and her right leg. She had a lot of problems with mobility. She had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was seeing a neurologist. She was wondering if chiropractic would really be able to do anything about the multiple sclerosis though she did experience some benefit when she briefly saw her chiropractor brother-in-law in terms of having some reduction in the pain and some improvement in the mobility in the neck. She had heard similar words both from her brother-in-law and from me about the fact that chiropractic deals with the nervous system. It deals with the mind and the body and the spirit, and it deals with helping the person be the best they can be in terms of expressing their life form. Things that happen in the healing process go beyond just a simple equation of anatomy and physiology or putting some kind of drug into the process.

Because she heard that story she was willing to make a commitment to follow through on the care that was needed and as a result, her condition improved dramatically. The flashing lights that she had been seeing in front of her eyes stopped.  She no longer had the stinging headache pain that she had experienced as a result of the attacks from multiple sclerosis. About three months into her care she said to me, “Umm, you know I don’t know if I should say this to you because I don’t know if chiropractic has anything to do with this, but I’m not having any of the premenstrual syndrome that I normally have. I am not experiencing any of the cramping that I’ve experienced since puberty.”  I said “This is a matter of your body working the way it’s meant to work.”

When we free the subluxations from the body by helping the bones move as they should, when we free the nervous system to function the way it was meant to function, and we provide the building blocks with the kind of nutrition they need in order to get better, healing miracles can happen.  We give patients exercise to do; we give them all those things that are part of a chiropractic lifestyle. They have the opportunity to express their fullest life expression. 

Every time she goes to see her neurologist he says, “Your condition isn’t getting any worse, in fact amazingly it seems to be getting better.  I know you don’t want to take any medication. All I can do is offer you the choice.  But right now, you seem to be doing fine and the only thing I have to say is that as for seeing a chiropractor, that’s okay but don’t let them adjust your neck.”


You know this is a part of a terrible paradox that we chiropractors find ourselves in.  It’s unfortunate that the paradox is that we get the results and the medical doctors see the results, but so many still aren’t willing to allow us to do what we need to do in order to get the results in the first place.

In any event the important thing is that this young lady is doing very much better as a result of having chiropractic care. She did not give up on chiropractic just because the first experience wasn’t as good as she expected. She has had all kinds of benefits.  What we would consider to be a miracle is that she had no expectation of improvement, none whatsoever, but her delight in the results is profound.


Dr Jamie Laws

Toronto, Canada