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Miracle Story


Dr Denise Perron

Scream Louder

Submitted into: Miracles of Courage Category,

On: 2013-12-11 15:18:18

When youre a chiropractor in a large family that is mainly involved in various aspects of the medical profession, everybody is like, “Yeah, thats your niche, the chiropractor.” They will say things like, “Oh yeah, she doesnt have her children vaccinated, she doesnt drink milk,” and they end up by saying, “Why dont you just adjust them?” I put up with the teasing, because its okay, and in some ways it was funny, but it has never stopped me from what, in my opinion, is the obligation to share what I know. People can then make their own decisions.

My youngest brother, who is an incredibly special person, gave my father a kidney, and many, many stories to go with it, and is a truly enlightened and sharing being. He deserves amazing recognition in life, and hes received it in many ways. His fourth child, Harley, was born four years ago, and after being vaccinated at eighteen months, was diagnosed with severe autism. Hes the 23rd grandchild in our family. When the doctor told my brother that Harley would never speak, he said, “My son will be back here one day to tell you that you were wrong. See you later.”

My brother is a fighter, and an extremely determined person, and after exploring every alternative, he eventually found a chiropractor who was willing to treat Harley, who is now doing really well under chiropractic care. When I heard that hed found chiropractic, after years of the family dismissing it as something not to be taken seriously, I screamed.

My brother has also embraced homeopathy, naturopathy, special nutrition and a hyperbaric chamber, as well as a speech therapist. You name, it, hes explored and engaged in everything alternative for Harley, who as a result has experienced miracles. Hes now toilet trained, is communicating somewhat, and is progressing beautifully.

This past November, we were all gathered at our country house having a beach firepot and a big party with all the family, and there were children running all over the place. We were sitting by the fire, and my brother looked at me and said, “Sometimes I get so angry, because my wife was breastfeeding him, and he had a vaccination, and then the next day he wasnt there anymore, and they were telling us, No, its not the vaccine, something happened.”

When I told him that when Id heard about Harley, Id screamed the place down, he said, “You have to move yourself beyond that, and go into what you can do to help. For me, everything has been about his recovery, and its been a great adventure.”

He saw it as a gift, and when he said to me, “You know Denise, the only thing I can say is, why didnt you scream louder, why didnt you tell me?”, it bought me back to our obligation to encourage people to share, to love and to talk about miracles; not to indoctrinate people, not to impose our thoughts on people, but to fulfill our obligation to at least let people know.

Its the same obligation we have if there is a car accident, where even though we may not be a doctor, we have an obligation to stop and help people in any way we can.

As a chiropractor, I have an obligation to tell people about health. As a human being, I have an obligation to talk to people about their human potential, to talk to people about their miracle, and to let them experience that.

When my brother said to me, “Why didnt you scream louder?” I was like, “How loud did you want me to scream?” He said, “I dont know, but louder,” and I think that was the right answer, because I dont think we can ever measure the “Oh, Ive done my part, Ive already told them, but they dont want to understand” thing. Our obligation today is to continue in our determination to share, and to love and encourage people on their journey, and each day to let them know the miracle.

Today, my brother looks at Harley and tells me what a gift and a miracle he was, and how he will be telling the doctor how wrong he was. He is already beginning to repeat words, and is doing fantastically well. I just really want to share with people that miracles are here for you if you listen and remain determined.



Dr Denise Perron

Montreal, Canada