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Miracle Story


Clinton McCauley

Emily's Story

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2013-11-18 17:34:05

It was a very busy day in practice and the morning had run brilliantly with all my regular clients, I had a new client to see before my lunch break and little did I know this beautiful little girl was about to change my life forever.

Jodie, Emily's mum, wheeled Emily into the room in a wheelchair. Emily had Cerebral Palsy from a birth injury. I sat and talked with Jodie about Emily's history, she was 5 when she came in for the first time and she could not lift her arms above her shoulders and had never been able to, could not walk or talk and the doctors had said she would never be able to and that Jodie and Colin would have to live with the fact that their daughter would be like this for the rest of her life. Apparently very little movement and no chance of ever walking (even assisted with walking aids), very little communication and very little responsiveness.

Jodie was desperate and was crying from the moment I introduced myself. She had read somewhere that chiropractic maybe be able to help with cerebral palsy kids. She was recommended to come in and see me by a friend of hers. Jodie was so emotional and wanted the to give Emily every chance to have the best life possible as do all parents. She talked about the frustrations and she knew there was more that could be done for her gorgeous daughter. And she cried the whole way through. She had been everywhere, and this was her last try and she pleaded with me to help her daughter.

Jodie bought in everything she had, every scan, X-ray and test possible. I did a thorough examination, and it took some time to move Emily and get her to the positions needed to see what her little body could do. You could see that Emily understood, she just couldn't do it.

I had explained to Jodie, after the examination that I knew Emily’s body would function better after an adjustment than without one. I told her even with the brain injury, that if there was interference to the communication of the nervous system, then the body would not work at its optimum, however much the optimum was. She completely understood and wanted to try chiropractic, it was the last hope.

I explained that I needed a day to go through all the findings and tests so that I could serve Emily the best way possible. That night I poured over everything, rang some very prominent pediatric chiropractors and talked at length with them. There were no signs of any contraindications to chiropractic care and I knew that chiropractic could help.

The next day came, and Jodie again pleaded with me to help and I told her, I knew chiropractic could help, I was absolutely certain of that, what I didn't know was how much. Everything went well with the gentle adjustments delivered and she was scheduled to come back the next day.

Emily and Jodie were in the room, the next day, when I walked in. I took one look at Jodie and she was crying uncontrollably. My first thought was "Oh My God, what have I done?" ( thinking the worst possible), Jodie turned to Emily and said "Show Dr Clinton what you can do." Emily looked at me, a big smile came on her face and she proceeded to lift her arms completely above her head for the first time ever. Tears started streaming down my face as the realisation of the enormity of that one little action. Jodie was crying tears of utter joy and relief, and so was I!

I whispered a prayer of gratitude for seeing such a profound miracle, probably so small to many of us, yet so monumental to a little girl and mother that had never seen this before. And for me just the absolute blessing of seeing such a profound thing happening from a small adjustment with amazing lifetime ramifications.

The miracles didn't stop coming!

Emily got more mobile, she couldn't stop smiling, and within a few months the amazing happened, she stared talking properly and communicating. Can you imagine the elation of talking with your child properly AND having them talk back to you and understanding them. Emily's speech was never going to be perfect, yet she could talk! And the beautiful thing is, chiropractic released a beautiful, intelligent, quick witted and funny little girl from within. It constantly amazes me of the power of the bodies ability to heal itself when it is free from interference.

And still more miracles kept coming!

Emily with assistance from a walker designed specifically for cerebral palsy kids, was able to start ambulating and moving for herself, something the doctors had always said would be impossible.

After months of intensive care, little Emily was a changed girl and was living her best life possible. She still has a lot of health challenges, yet she gets over them quicker and easier than she ever did. Emily gets adjusted every week and has been doing so for many years now.

Emily is a constant reminder of how amazing life is and how miraculous our bodies ability to heal itself is. Emily lives life to the fullest and she has the best life she can possibly have, and thank you to a desperate mother willing to give anything a go for her daughter, for me to be able to witness a miracle like this is one I will hold close to my heart for the rest of my life.

Thank you Jodie and Thank You Emily for being such a huge inspiration.


Dr Clinton McCauley

Mount Barker, South Australia