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Miracle Story


Clinton McCauley

Wheel Chairs and Meat Pies with Sauce

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2013-10-31 11:31:14

This lovely old gentleman came in as a new patient a couple of years ago. He was well dressed, spoke clearly and slowly, used a walking frame and was 92 years old!
The first thing he said to me after we shook hands was "I don't believe in Chiropractors and I am very sceptical and have been for a very long time." I could see he was struggling with something and stayed silent. His lip started to tremble as he spoke the next few words "Please help me, my family are going to put me in a wheelchair, because I can't walk anymore", his lip trembled again and followed by saying "if I go into a wheelchair, I don't want to live anymore, walking is everything to me, please help me."

With that I reassured him that I would do everything possible to help him and explained about chiropractic and the miracle of the body functioning optimally without subluxations and the nerve pressure they create. He grasped the concept quite well and was willing to do anything as conventional medicine had said there was nothing they could do and to expect the rest of his life in a wheel chair. They said he was old and had lived a good life, and what do you expect at 92!!

That's why he came to the chiropractor, because no one else was going to help.

I took a thorough history and conducted a full examination including X-rays. His spine was severely degenerated from top to bottom. The funny thing is, I have cared for men and women in his age group over the years and I have witnessed some amazing changes in the physical functioning of their bodies once they come under chiropractic care.

We sat down and explained at length what was going on and my goals in adjusting his spine using very gentle methods of adjusting. And he was willing to give anything a go.

He also mentioned that he had suffered from a hiatus hernia and hadn't been able to eat much variation in food for over 50 years due to the severe reflux and heart burn he suffered.

Stan, wanted results immediately !! And as the universe provides for this beautiful man, within 4 weeks of his first chiropractic adjustment, he had graduated from a walking frame to a walking stick! And two weeks later, for the first time in over 10 years, he walked into the office unaided and with the biggest grin on his face.

With tears in his eyes, he looked at me and said "Thank You! You gave me my life back" he grabbed my hand and shook it furiously and I said "Stan, Thank you, for giving chiropractic a chance and thank you for letting me be part of the miracle, it wasn't me that did it, the miracle happened within you, and YOUR body has been the one doing all the healing."

The emotion of seeing this man have the most important part of his life back was overwhelming and it hadn’t finished there. He took a couple of moments to gather himself and then his cheeky grin came over his face. He said to me, 'I had a meat pie with tomato sauce (ketchup) the other day!" And he paused and said nothing until it hit me!! "I haven't had a meat pie with sauce in nearly 50 years! Actually in the last 3 weeks I have eaten nearly everything that I could eat as a young adult, I don't have reflux, heartburn, discomfort or anything anymore! My son saw me eating that meat pie with sauce and yelled out to me 'Dad, don't eat that, it will kill you' I just yelled back at him, I'm 92 and something's going to kill me and I'm going to enjoy it"

Stan continued to be mobile and free of a walking stick and able to eat his lifetime of meat pies and sauce for the next four years when he passed away quietly in his sleep.

The magic of chiropractic is so strong and the miracles of seeing a man at 92, attending a chiropractor for the first time because no one was prepared to help him, is so amazing. I am so blessed and grateful to be involved in a profession that can do so much for so many different people of all ages. Stan, you are a true gentleman and a man who is etched into my memory forever.

Dr Clinton McCauley
Mt Barker, South Australia.