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Miracle Story



Shes Coming Outside Of Herself

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2013-06-06 00:49:48

Id like to share a miracle story about a young patient that came in to my office in Brandon, Ontario, Canada. Cassie came in referred by her Day Care Provider. In our office we have an emergency paging service and on a Sunday evening, I received a page from Cassies mum and she asked if I could see her daughter down in our office. As I arrived at the office, Cassies mother and her dad came in with their little girl who was two and a half. She appeared outwardly to be quite normal. I asked, "what’s going on with your daughter? she seems to be moving fine." Then they said, "Oh, yes. Shes not bad but shes constipated. She has not had a bowel movement in over ten days".

I said, "Wow, weve helped patients with constipation in the past but they were adults. They usually came in with a little back pain and its almost like the side effect. They actually get relief from constipation because their nervous system works better but I havent really worked with a child this age". And their response was, "Well, you know, a friend told us to call and see if you could help. Would you look at her please?"  At this point in time they had more confidence in me than I had in myself.

We went through an examination for Cassie and we looked at her spine and what we found was that below the shoulder blades into the middle of the lower back the spine wasnt moving well. It was actually really locked up. As you look at the nervous system and the way the bodys wired, the nerves that come off the spine and that region- they actually go right to the organs of digestion: to the stomach and to the small intestine and the large intestine.

I explained to the parents that the nerve flow is likely being pinched here. We can go ahead and start care and see what happens. I dont know if its the nerve flow thats causing the problem with these organs or if theres something else. They were quite certain it wasnt something else because theyve been to the Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto.

Cassie had gone through studies where they use the camera and they go down the throat and she had had a Barium Swallow and a Barium Enema as well. She had gone through all kinds of testing.

I adjusted Cassie that Sunday night and they came back to the office the next morning and they thought I was a miracle worker. They were very excited and said, “she’s had a bowel movement and this was definitely the right thing you did doctor”

I was still new in practice and I was a little bit more skeptical. As we worked together I kept adjusting Cassie. The next bowel movement was not coming. It was now day ten, day eleven, day twelve, day thirteen; shes going to have a bowel movement sooner or later so I didnt let up with the care. As we worked with Cassie over the next two months, she started to have bowel movements every three days and the mum was really excited. I remember in particular, one day the mother came into the office, and you could tell her face was different. I greeted her, “tell me whats different? whats new?" and she said, "You know, we havent had to deal with Cassies suppository for her bowel movement this week". And I said, "Really... what a suppository?"

 Then I was about twenty seven years old, beginning practice. I didnt know what a suppository was in all honesty, I was just dumbfounded. From the age of six months until the age of two and a half: every bowel movement she had had, had been with the assistance of a suppository. It just blew me away. We continued to work with Cassie. As we did she started to have regular bowel movements every day.

 Shes actually still a patient in the office. Shes in grade two. You can just see how her life has changed. After Cassie had been under care for about six months, I asked her day care provider, who was also a patient, "Whats different for Cassie?" And she said, "You know when Cassie was with us before, she used to play by herself. She used to be kind of shy, kind of quiet, kind of introverted. Since shes started getting care and her digestive system has normalized, she started to play more with the other kids. Shes started to interact and its like shes coming outside of herself”.

 Its amazing that I was given this gift to share with my patients. It was a miracle for the parents and a miracle for me. Cassie’s case made a lasting impression on me.   

Dr. Blake Broker