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Miracle Story


Brian Kelly
San Francisco

Baby Angel

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2013-05-20

I’ve been a chiropractor for a number of years and have had the opportunity to see peoples’ lives change with chiropractic care, in ways that are often unexplainable.

A few years ago I received a phone call in the evening from a very concerned new mother whose baby had been born in hospital eight weeks earlier and had been there ever since. Her name was Sarah and she said there had been problems during her daughter’s birth.  Over the phone, I asked her what had happened and she told me, “We really don’t know… but when our daughter was born, something happened.”

She went on to tell me that her baby girl, Angel was born eight weeks earlier and there were complications during the birth process.  She described that the doctors had diagnosed Angel with a condition called bulbar palsy.

Bulbar palsy involves the function of the cranial nerves and is a serious neurological disorder.
Sarah said that for the first eight weeks of Angel’s life, she had not moved, she was not able to swallow, and she was not responsive at all.  “They say our daughter probably won’t survive; and if she does, will likely be a spastic quadriplegic,” she said.

Sarah was distressed.  She was exhausted, but she had not given up hope.

We chatted for maybe ten minutes, and then I asked that she send me the medical reports right away.  The next morning, the fax machine ran hot with pages and pages of Angel’s medical notes.  Based on my phone interview with Sarah and what I read in these reports, it appeared that at some point during the birth process, the baby got stuck.  When the doctor attempted to get the baby out, her neck was damaged which significantly affected her brain function.  In fact, the MRI report identified swelling and bleeding at the base of the brain and described it as “subdural hemorrhage…most likely due to birth trauma”.  

More critically, an EEG brain scan described that the cortex of the brain was functioning at very low levels.  Angel was in crisis and every minute of her life was measured.

I went directly to the hospital and met her father, John who had spent his time pacing the hospital hallways for the past 2 months, not knowing what to do as there was test after test and no real solutions offered.  When I introduced myself to him, he simply hugged me.  He was desperate, completely open to whatever I could do to help Angel, and he too was exhausted.

I finally met Angel inside the infant intensive care unit, in a crib of sorts, hooked up to multiple wires and tubes carrying lines connecting her to four or more different machines.  At just eight weeks old, Angel was losing the battle to survive, unable to swallow with a feeding tube and an oxygen tank.  When I lifted her, she was completely passive yet her muscles were very taught and spastic.  She could not move her eyes, and she was unresponsive. She had been deteriorating for 56 days.
For Angel, I had only one answer.  I hoped it was enough to change her fate.

Chiropractic philosophy tells me that if the nervous system is virtually turned off due to a subluxation (spinal misalignment), then an adjustment to the spine is capable of turning it back on again, allowing the life energy or life force to surge through the body and this alone can facilitate healing.

I told Angel’s parents “I promise I won’t hurt Angel, and I know it will help.”  What I did not know is how it would help, or how much.  But I knew that where there was life – there was hope.
I explained this gentle procedure to John and Sarah.  They begged me to “Just do whatever it is you need to do.  We are running out of time.  Please just help our baby stay alive.  You are the only hope we have now.”

So, I accepted Angel as my patient and I gave her first adjustment.

This involved applying a very gentle pressure to the upper part of the spine at the base of the skull, which is very specific to the first cervical vertebra.  John looked at me in disbelief and asked “Is that it?”  I told them “I know it will help.”

My only other words to Sarah and John were, “I'll see you tomorrow.”

Thursday, I came back to the intensive care unit and Angel looked exactly the same.  She was limp, unresponsive, had spastic muscles, and was still hooked up to too many machines.  But somehow, in her own way, she seemed more peaceful. I re-examined her, checked her spine and gave her another adjustment.

I continued my visits to the hospital daily for the next thirty two days, adjusting this ‘little fighter’.  
A good friend from North America, Dr. Joan Fallon, who specializes in chiropractic pediatrics, was visiting New Zealand for three days and I asked her if she would she please come with me to the hospital and check baby Angel.  She said she felt honored to do so.  That same day, she attended baby Angel with me and proceeded to examine her.  Dr. Joan stuck her finger into Angel’s mouth and she appeared to swallow a little – this was for the very first time.

So for three days, we went to the hospital, greeted Sarah and John, said ‘hi’ to the hospital staff, and proceeded to deliver chiropractic care.  We did some cross-crawling exercises with Angel, gently lifting one arm and the opposite leg as though she was walking; this stimulates the brain.  We would also do some gentle cranial adjusting of the bones of the skull.

Around day twenty five, I received a most excited text from Sarah.  It read: New EEG scan day 25.  WITHIN normal limits!! The doctors had decided to perform a new brain scan on Angel and she was deemed normal!

This was a miracle.  It was as though her brain was somehow slowly beginning to wake up.
I continued to work with Angel every day.  And while she looked almost the same and even though she was still on oxygen and a feeding tube, something was very slowly stirring inside of her.  

It was a difficult journey.  Angel suffered from many infections, particularly to the lungs, and she was regularly on antibiotics, as her immune system was very weak.  It got to a point when it seemed there was little that could be done at the hospital as the doctors considered her ‘stable.’  So, she finally went home.

After the hospital, I would regularly visit her at home.  By now she was on the floor and her eyes were moving a little. Small baby steps of life were coming back.

One morning when I was visiting her at home, I recall walking into her room with Sarah and we quickly realized that her oxygen machine was not on!  Panicking, Sarah realized that she had forgotten to turn it on the night before!  After examining Angel, I reassured Sarah that Angel was fine.  Her little lungs were beginning to work and perhaps she did not need this machine like she had before.

A few times I was away, speaking at conferences and I asked my brother Simon, who is also a chiropractor, to take care of Angel.

Time went on and people come in and out of your life and practice.  Angel continued having chiropractic care with my brother Simon, and then after some months, she stopped coming to the practice.

A few years passed and one morning I was in a café when I ran into John.  We hugged and chatted a few minutes before I asked him how Angel was doing.  His response was the most incredible answer I have received as a chiropractor.

He replied “You will never guess what?”  My heart sank a little, but his eyes were lit up.  He said “Angel is starting at a special school in January.”  We both cried in wonder and amazement.
Angel has a brain injury.  It is serious and will affect her for the rest of her life.  Little Angel’s survival was a result of the healing power in her tiny body, and her parents’ determination.  They never gave up on her.

I was privileged to have been part of their family’s journey.  This was a miracle beyond anything I have witnessed.

As President of Life Chiropractic College West, located in the San Francisco Bay area, I know from personal clinical experience the power of a chiropractic adjustment.

Dr Brian Kelly
San Francisco, California, USA