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Miracle Story


Dr John Hinwood

We Didn't Say it Wasn't Possible

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On: 2013-05-10 10:46:10

In 1978, my wife Judy and I returned to Australia after living overseas for ten years. We came back home and had family spread half way around the country in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. We decided to hit the road and drive the south eastern seaboard from Adelaide in South Australia, through Victoria and New South Wales where our family members resided.

When we drove into the popular seaside town of Forster on Wallis Lake on the mid north coast of New South Wales three hundred kilometres north of Sydney we both had a gut feeling that this was ‘the place’! Seven thousand people; magnificent beaches; the home to eighty percent of Australia’s export oysters at that time (I adore oysters); great fishing; known for its lobsters; a beautiful relaxing place and a magnificent thick bush backdrop.

Across the bridge at the entrance to the lake was the sister town of Tuncurry, another little gem of a seaside sleepy village.
When we had set out on our journey from Adelaide weeks before we had decided that we would let our ‘gut feeling’ be our guide when we arrived in the our dream town. If we both had ‘butterflies’ and an internal ‘knowing’ that this was the place where would settle, we would not do a head job on ourselves and allow our educated mind to overrule it.

After driving through three states and some two thousand six hundred kilometres, Forster gave us both those special gut feelings immediately we arrived there.

Here we were, super excited to get going now and we couldn’t find any commercial space to rent in town. We visited all the agents, spoke to the Council and asked everyone we spoke to around town. There was nothing coming vacant in the short to medium term either.

What was our possible alternative? We needed a miracle right now.

A savvy real estate agent we met, Don Robson, suggested that as we were a professional healthcare business, we would qualify with Council to run a home-office practice. Out of nowhere, a paradigm shift by this agent, gave us another huge opportunity to explore and find a suitable location to start our business and make a home. I call this a ‘miracle thought’ as no one at Council informed us of this option or any of the other real estate agents we visited.
A moment later our Agent Don smiled broadly and said, “I have just the place for you. It’s going to take some major renovation, but the location is perfect for business and you’ll have all the traffic that goes in and out of town pass your door”. He went on to tell us that the property was opposite a beautiful small secluded beach just south of the headland where the main beach ended. It had been vacant for quite some time as it was a deceased estate .The family had only decided a few days earlier to auction the property as soon as possible or sell it prior to auction.

Don smiled again and said, “It even gets better for what you want! Actually it is not only one house, it is two houses joined by a covered in walkway with bathrooms, plus five garages out back that could be demolished to easily create a nine car parking lot. It also has a lane way access for the car park and practice entrance. The rear property would be your practice next to the car park. The auction reserve price is forty thousand dollars.”

The agent said, “We haven’t even listed it yet but if you offer the reserve price you could buy the property today, as its location is within the zone for home office healthcare practices.”

Now we had to find the ten thousand dollar deposit; this is where the next miracle was needed.

We went to the bank next door with a big introduction from Don the real estate agent. He explained that we were new chiropractors who had just moved to town after having studied at the world famous Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto and we were highly qualified to care for the people of the district. We nodded and sat down with the Bank Manager Mr Don Crighton.
In those days there were very few Canadian trained chiropractors in Australia, and those who were practicing, all had very high reputations as successful chiropractors who were helping many people. Mr Crighton told us of his bad back and bad knee and that he had been told by some customers that he needed to find a Canadian trained chiropractor who would be able to help him.
I did a brief consultation on the spot and a mini physical examination in his office and determined that yes, he was a prospective chiropractic patient and we would be able to care for him as soon as we set up our practice. His prospective healing miracle had arrived in his office that day.

He was so excited and committed to us that he would support us to do whatever was needed finance wise, so we could open our doors as soon as possible.

Applying for a bank loan today is of course the domain of computer networks running banks with lending approvals being made in many cases thousands of kilometres away by the stroke of a key on a computer, by a person totally remote from the borrower. The assessor is relying on a pre set algorithm to make the decision.

Back in 1978 the decision in larger bank branches for loan approvals under say $200,000 was the domain of the bank manager. He could approve them himself provided all standard procedures were followed.

After the pleasantries and giving him our Canadian banking history over the past five years, I said to the Manager, “We don't have any money for a deposit to buy a property”. However, we spent the profit I made from my one year in practice in Canada on a new x-ray machine, four top of the range chiropractic adjusting tables, three Dermathermograph infra-red diagnostic scanners and other physical diagnosis equipment and an extensive medical library. Plus we have the cash for a fit out of rented office space.

Mr Crighton asked, “Did I hear you say that you have a new x-ray machine?” I answered, “Yes we do and we also have full darkroom facilities to facilitate immediate processing of the films”. He answered, “Our local thirty six bed Hospital doesn’t have an x-ray facility. We really need you in town.”

Mr Crighton was a lovely fellow and he said, “If you can get ten thousand dollars for the deposit, the bank will lend you the other thirty thousand dollars”. He went on to say, “You need to borrow the ten thousand dollars from your parents”.

Neither of our parents had the money to lend to us, even if they had been able to, we would not have asked them. The next morning we checked the ads in the financial pages of the Sydney Morning Herald’s business section. An ad jumped out of the page to greet us… 'Short term loans unsecured to ten thousand dollars’. We drove five hours to Sydney to meet with the financier.

Our meeting with the financier was brief. We showed him our business plan and he said, “Yes, I can lend you ten thousand dollars for ninety days at 40% per annum interest rate or 10% for the ninety day term”. We shook hands, signed a letter of agreement, and he gave us $10,000 cash and we drove back to Forster in an extremely excited state. Another miracle achieved on route to our goal.

The next morning we went back to the bank and sat down with the Manager Mr Crighton and presented him with the ten thousand dollars cash deposit on the property. He was excited that we had rounded up the deposit. His immediate statement was, “You must have been borrowed this from your parents, did you?” We didn't answer; we kept on reading the newspaper. He asked the question again. We didn’t answer.  His next statement was, “Oh yes, I understand, we can now take care of signing the mortgage documents”. And so it was, we had just bought our first property in Australia on one hundred percent borrowed funds. In 1978, this was unheard of. Our second miracle was accomplished in establishing our practice.

Mr Crighton then asked us how long it would be before the practice would be open as he really needed our help with his bad back and knee problems. He explained he had been waiting for a good chiropractor to come to town as many people had told him that chiropractors could help. Some people had even told him that a good chiropractor can produce miracles and that was what he was seeking.

It took five weeks for the property to settle and another five weeks for us working long hours with tradesmen to convert the second house into an attractive and very functional office that created great flow. The other house we renovated at the same time as our residence.
We started calling people we had on our waiting list the week before we opened. We made Mr Crighton’s appointment mid-morning on the second day before we were booked out. We had patients everywhere and our nine car parking lot was full and he had to park on the street. When I finally sat him down in my office to do his initial consultation he said he was amazed at how professional our office was and he had never expected anything as up-market as we had created. We had the only x-ray facility in town. Amazingly not even the hospital had one.

After his extensive examination, infra-red scan and x-rays and the hope that he could finally get some relief for his chronic problems, I asked him could we come to the bank during our lunch break as we needed to discuss our rapidly growing business.

When we arrived at the bank, Don Crighton was all smiles and just as excited as we were that the people of Forster and district were so keen to avail themselves of our services. I explained that our projections in the business plan we had given him on our first meeting a couple of months earlier had been rapidly overtaken. What we were doing now on day two of practice, and with our forward bookings of new patients and the care plans that would be generated for each new patient, we were already at the twelve month mark of the business plan.

We explained that we would like a ten thousand dollar business loan so we could make provision for our rapid growth. He explained that as we had only been in business for two days that we didn’t qualify for such a loan according to bank rules and policies. However, there was nothing stopping him from giving each of us a five thousand dollar personal loan. And so it was that the bank funded our real estate purchase one hundred percent! This was a miracle unheard of in 1978.

We only worked mornings on Thursday, so at noon we jumped into the car and drove the five hours to Sydney to repay the ten thousand dollar loan to the private financier. At forty percent interest per annum we had to come up with one thousand dollars from our takings for the first three and a half days. It was a breeze!

We learned from this experience that if you step up to the edge when you know what it is that you truly want in life, and you have massive passion to match your desire, then miracles appear to support you.

We didn't say no we can't do it. We didn't say it wasn't possible. We didn’t listen to the doomsday people who said that our plan was not possible. We listened to our gut that said with some ingenuity, there is a way here to achieve your goal. Act as if you already own the property. We did that, and it was amazing what happened.

Dr John Hinwood
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia