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Miracle Story


Steven Silk

Dillon’s Miracle Story

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2013-03-11 05:11:02

I practice in Wiarton, Ontario, Canada, a town of 2100 people that is about three hours north of Toronto.  Before I talk about one of he many miracles I have been privileged to participate in, I think I should define what I think a miracle is. I believe that a miracle is experiencing something that you previously thought was impossible, and after the experience, recognize that anything is possible.  With that in mind, let me tell you about Dillon.

When Dillon was nine months old he received his routine vaccinations and had a very extreme reaction to the chemistry in the shot.  It didn't just weaken his immune system, it totally shut it off. He was unable to create white blood cells, B-cells, T-cells, natural killer cells, nothing. As well, the healthy ability to create fever was also gone in this little boy. The local physicians’ attempted to (unsuccessfully) deal with it via anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal medicines, before they finally realized it was bigger than they could handle.

They sent the boy to The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, which is the major pediatric facility in the province. “Sick Kids” had him there for four months and sadly he didn’t get better, in fact, he got worse. It got to the point that every organ in his body had some type of microbe. His nasal passages, his mouth, his throat, his lungs, his colon, his kidneys, his bladder, his penis…virtually everything.  Nothing that was done medically worked, and by the time he was 18 months old, his frightened parents were told “Nothing can be done, take him home, make funeral arrangements and enjoy the short time he has left”.

At this point a friend of the family suggested they bring him to me.  While I had dealt with many sick kids til that point in time, I wasn’t prepared for what I witnessed in my reception area as his parents started his paperwork. He appeared lifeless. The boy was limp and gray-skinned, with his little abdomen extended outwards like you see in pictures of starving children from third-world countries. He hadn’t eaten in two months, he had no bowel movements for six weeks, or urinated in a month. His face was sunken and corpse-like, and his little eyes were rolled back in his head.

I’m very specific in the care I provide, and each and every person who comes through my front door receives a detailed analysis for indicators of the presence of both nerve interference and vertebral subluxation.  This objectively guides me in determining if that person will benefit from care, and if so, what type of care they will receive.  However, as I surveyed the scene in front of me, I made a decision that changed lives.  I broke my cardinal rule of assessment first, adjustment after, because something deep inside me told me that if I didn’t do something right then, I might not get a second chance.

I walked up to the parents, introduced myself, briefly explained the basic philosophy of chiropractic and my expectations and asked them if they were prepared to take a leap of faith. They said, “What choice do we really have, do whatever you feel you need to do”.  I gently palpated the child’s upper neck as he lay in his father’s arms.  I then applied a very specific adjustment, very gently introducing a healing force into his little body.

Immediately after I adjusted him, his eyelids opened to show the whites of his eyes and he went rigid as a board, then slumped again.  To put it mildly, his mom freaked. His dad said, “Is that what you are expecting?” and I said, “Absolutely, I believe his healing power has just been awakened”.  I then said “I think you should just take him home and bring him back in four hours. I want to adjust him again”.  

Four hours later when they returned, he had some colour in his cheeks and his eyes were slightly open.  His parents were blown away to say the least.  I adjusted him again, and this time his eyelids not only opened, but we could now see his beautiful, hazel eyes.  He stared straight at me, then closed his eyes and fell asleep.  His mother said “Is that what you were expecting?”.  I said “Absolutely, I think he’s gonna be alright.  Please bring him back tomorrow morning”.

I adjusted Dillon twice a day for about three months, the most intensive care programme I’ve ever had for ANYONE in my practice, but the commitment of his parents paid huge dividends.  Within a very short time his eyes became bright and focused. He soon was able to lift his head.  He began to smile…a lot.  He started eating mashed fruits and vegetables and drinking water.  In fact, for a while he was eating more food than his parents!

But most importantly, his immune system started to engage…big time.  He immediately started spiking really strong fevers and the contents of his diaper were foul.  As the days went by, each and every infection in his body was resolved.  Over an 18-month period we watched in amazement as the sick little boy became stronger and stronger.  So strong in fact, that he has just turned 18 and has only had one cold since those dark times.

As a result of this miracle, Dillon’s parents asked my wife and I to be his Godparents.  Over the years I’ve watched this seriously ill little boy become a fine young man.  And every time I adjust him now, I think back to the very first time I was privileged to lay my hands on him and am thankful for the miracle it created.  It also makes me thankful for two other miracles…the inborn ability we all have to live vibrant, rich, abundant lives, and the ability that I, as a chiropractor, have to enhance it.  

Dr Steven Silk
Wiarton, Ontario,