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Miracle Story



When The Body Is Clear, That’s When Miracles Happen

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On: 2013-01-29 23:58:44

I have been a chiropractor since 1986. One of my miracle stories is from the first time I actually went to a chiropractor.

I went through the proverbial: everyone thinks you go to a chiropractor because you have lower back pain which is what I did, as I waited until I personally experienced lower back pain. I went to see my first chiropractor which happened to be across the country in Alberta.

My miracle was that this chiropractor looked at me and asked me what was wrong with my neck. I am thinking “What does that have to do with my lower back? It’s my lower back that is killing me right now”.

She eventually got down to the lower back but she was really looking at my whole spine. She was really saying that our body works as one unit, our spine is one unit. When a problem is in one area it can compensate another and so forth.

The miracle for me was that when she got into my spine she started asking about my history, and I hadn’t given her any of this history. She asked a series of questions, “Any problems or difficulties breathing? Tightness in the chest? Shortness of breath? Any problems with sinus congestion? Allergies? Asthma? Pneumonia?”

I just looked at her like she was a voodoo woman. Because number one, what did this have to do with my lower back? Number two, what was she asking all these things for? What was really bizarre was that as a child I had lived in an air purified room for four months every summer. I had extremely severe allergies. I had all the skin testing done. You name it, if it was alive I was allergic to it. No foods, but all plants and animals.

We happened to live on the water, by a lake. I was a competitive swimmer. I had two bedrooms. I had one bedroom that had my bed and my air purifier in it, and I had another bedroom I could go to when I could function outside of the day. So for four months every summer until the first frost, basically from June through until October I would wake up every morning as a six year old with my cocktail of pills.

I remember thinking if I chew those little pills, then I will be healthy because I won’t have any symptoms. When I went to this chiropractor andshe is asking about allergies with watery eyes and difficulties breathing, I was thinking “What does this have to do with my neck, let alone my lowerback”. She went on and asked me some really pertinent questions like “What causes your allergies?”, and I went “Well, golden rod, I have hay fever, my dogs, my cats, all these various things.”

She said “Really. What is it that really creates it?” I said “Well, it’s pollens in the air when I breathe them in”, and she said “Really, pollens in the air?

If you and I right now are breathing the same air wouldn’t we also be breathing the same pollens?”, and I said “Yeah, that makes sense, obviously”.

She continued,” If pollens truly caused allergies and we are both breathing the same air and the same pollens and it causes allergies, why is it that when I breathe the same as you breathe, that I don’t have allergies?”

Puzzled I kind of went “I don’t know, no one has ever asked me that question before.”

She asked had I ever had a bad accident as a little kid. I said “Before there were seatbelts my mom had a car accident, and I hit the dashboard and I had two black eyes”. They looked at me, thought that I was ok, and I hadn’t been injured. Actually, I had sustained an injury to my upper neck.

In retrospect it was from that point that my allergies had started, and they became severe. Right through to the age of eighteen I had once a week an allergy shot for ten years. It still didn’t do anything for me. You might think what a compliant patient, who doesn’t figure out that this isn’t working.

I was a little slow.

Coming to the heart of the matter this chiropractor said, “Do you know what controls your immune system?”, and I said, “I don’t know”. She said “It is your nervous system”. I said, “Really?” and she said, “Your nervous system in your neck happens to go to the areas that create a healthy immune system and not a hyper reactive one.

It also controls your ears, nose, throat and sinuses,” This really made sense but know one had ever explained it to me. I said, “Please adjust me then”, so she adjusted me.

It was like someone had taken ear muffs off my ears. Even though I had never tested for hearing problems I could hear more clearly. My allergies improved by about eighty percent at that point in time.

At that instant, I was angry, because no one had ever told me about this before, and I thought about all this wasted time. That is also what motivated me to become a chiropractor, because otherwise, if I had never had that experience, I would never have been where I am today.

It just made so much sense to me that the nervous system runs the body. It runs everything in the body. When the body is clear, that’s when miracles happen.

When I started practice I was really disillusioned, because I drifted into the medical model which is one way of practicing, but it wasn’t the practice that I had originally dreamed about. I didn’t know how to turn things around.

Lo and behold, this little girl who was eighteen months old who came into my office. Her mother had heard about me, and the girl could not crawl.

She could only use her two arms, and her legs were dragging behind her. She had nothing going on with her legs, and at this point she should have been walking. Her mother had taken her to orthopedic surgeons, to neurologists and even to a child psychiatrist to see what was going on.

They couldn’t find any physical reasons for this child not to be able to be walk. There was no diagnosis, no reason, and no rationale.

As a last resort the mother had heard about us and brought the little girl in to see me. I did my physical, orthopedic and neurological examination.

As I palpated her spine, and at the very bottom of her spine is this area called the sacrum, it was really off alignment. My assumption was that it’s gross misalignment was cutting off the flow energy to the lower limbs.

I said to the mother that I couldn’t promise anything, but my instinct was that this is where her problem started.

Of course none of the other professionals would have looked for it, because this is not what they do, this is what we do, and there is a reason why there are little kids in my office. I said to her mother that I had to adjust her sacrum. I didn’t know what is or is not going to happen, but I do know that this isn’t supposed to be stuck and jammed like this.

I adjusted her and it made this most resounding noise which scared me and the mother, but the sacrum was moving after that. I said to the mother to ake her home and to give me a call in a couple of days.

One of the rules in my office is that nobody interrupts me when I am seeing patients, because patients are my highest priority. Well, I got an interruption from one of my staff members. She said “Liz, Christy’s mum is on the phone, and she is in tears, and you had better take the call”. I thought, oh, no, oh, no, so I took the call and the mum was in tears because Christy was pulling her knees to her chest and starting to crawl.

Within two days this little girl was on the move and crawling everywhere.

Dr Liz Anderson-Peacock
Barrie, Ontario, Canada