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Miracle Story


Dr Sharon Gorman

My Chiropractic Journey

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On: 2013-01-18 03:36:41

When I was about five years old my uncle became a Chiropractor.  When he opened his office my whole family went to visit him and since both of my parents had chronic back pain, he adjusted them both while we were visiting his office.  My brother and I had never had back pain so he never adjusted us.  I remember he gave us rides on his table that brought us from a standing position to a laying position and we thought that was fun but he never checked our spine.

In August of that year I was starting the fifth grade when I got very sick.  I was running a very high fever and my parents and the doctors couldn't figure out why.  I was losing weight rapidly and I wasn't showing any signs of improvement.  After a week of running these fevers, my parents brought me to the hospital because I was severely dehydrated and they admitted me.  For a week they did all kinds of tests, they even ran two spinal taps.  They told my parents that they thought I had encephalitis.  Several of my relatives came to visit me because my health was declining rapidly even though I was only ten years old, but they couldn't contain my fevers.  When the fever got high enough they would pack me in ice to bring it down but the next afternoon it would go up again.

On one of those days my uncle, the chiropractor, came to visit me.  He told my parents that he could help me.  My parents told him that my problem wasn't back pain but I did have neck pain after lying in the bed so long.  What they didn't know is that he had been learning more about Chiropractic and that Chiropractic wasn't only a way to treat pain.  He explained it to them and told them that they should take me out of the hospital so he could start giving me adjustments.  They told him that they thought he was crazy.

At this point they hadn't even let me out of the hospital bed for a week and I showed no signs of improving, so they would not think of taking me out of this critical care.  They told him to go ahead and adjust me in the hospital bed.  He refused and left the hospital without checking my spine.

Later that night, I assume in the middle of the night, he came back alone to the hospital. He asked to adjust me and he reached into the hospital bed and adjusted my neck.  I didn't know why he did that and after he adjusted me he left.  I didn't even know if my parents knew he came because they weren't there.  The next thing I remember is waking up because I was thirsty and asking for milk.  I was so thirsty.  I guess my fever was higher than usual because I remember several doctors coming into my room and being medicated and packed in ice.  

I guess I went back to sleep because when I woke up in the morning for the first time I felt better.  The fever broke and didn't return. It was as mysterious as when it had just started.  I was sick and they didn't know why, and then I was better and they also didn't know why.  Only my uncle and I knew why.  I never told my parents until I was an adult because I assumed they knew.  I received my first Chiropractic adjustment in the hospital.

I was better when I left the hospital a day or two later, but I had two major problems.  First of all I had lost most of my hearing in my right ear.  The second was even worse.  I had lost my equilibrium.  I couldn't walk without holding on to something.  I was so scared.  After going to several doctors when I went home from the hospital, they told my parents to wait for six months and see how much I would improve.  They said that I should improve in six months, but after that period I would have to live with any damage that remained.

After six months little had changed.  I remember that my parents would always challenge me to start to ride my bicycle again.  I used to love to ride and I rode all the time before I had first become ill.  I wouldn't even attempt it.  They kept taking me to different doctors hoping I would get better.  I remember going to a special shoe store and getting special custom shoes made.  My parents would try anything to help me.  

One day I remember being at the doctor’s office after the initial six months had passed. My mother pleaded with him to help me and he told her that she could put all the money in the world on his desk and that he couldn't do anymore for me than he was doing.   My mother hoped that spending more money or trying more solutions would help.  He told her I was as well as I was going to get and that we should learn to live with my disabilities.  

My mum signed me up for dance classes.  She thought maybe that would help.  That turned out be such a humiliating experience.  I was put in a class with much younger girls because I was having trouble even standing up without holding on to something.  She thought she would try everything possible.

One day we were at mum’s sister’s house.  We were sitting at the kitchen table and my mum was telling them how frustrated and sad she was about what I was going through.  She told my aunt and uncle that the doctor told her that she could put all the money in the world on his desk and she couldn't help me anymore.  My uncle, the chiropractor, spoke up.  

He hadn't said anything about chiropractic since that first visit in the hospital but I guess even though he was rejected the first time he couldn't listen any more without speaking up.  He told my mother that she wouldn't have to put any money on his desk but she would have to bring me to his office three times a week and that he could help me.  Desperately she agreed.  She didn't understand anything about chiropractic but he gave her hope.  Very slowly I started to improve.  It was so gradual that I hardly even noticed.  One day when I was playing in the garage I got on the bike when no one was watching because I didn't want to risk embarrassment and I rode it a little in the driveway.  Each day I ventured out a little further.  Then another day about nine months later I was in school and they did the routine yearly hearing test. I stood in line with the other kids and I remember I was starting to sweat. I was afraid I knew I would fail the test again and would be embarrassed again in front of all the kids.  

I stepped up to the testing machine and I didn't say anything to the person doing the testing hoping that they wouldn't figure out that I could hardly hear in my right ear.  I passed the test! They didn't say anything and I didn't act surprised.  I just moved along and let the next kid in line get tested.  When I got home I told my mum.  She called the school to see if I was right.  She asked for the results and they said my hearing was normal.  She took me back to the doctor and he tested me again.  The nurse at the school was right.  My hearing was normal again.

When I was nineteen years old I started Chiropractic College.  I never remembered deciding to become a Chiropractor.  I just did.  In my first class we learned to look into the patient's ears.  When my lab partner looked into my ear he asked me if I could hear.  He called the teacher over and he looked into my ear and then most of the class took turns looking inside my right ear.  My inner ear was so damaged that they were all surprised I could hear at all.  

That day when I got home I called my uncle.  I told him what happened and asked him "Why could I hear?"  He told me that innate intelligence was on the job.  My body had adapted.  Our bodies have an intelligence inside them that strives to keep us healthy.  That intelligence expresses itself through our nervous systems and when our nervous systems are free of interference, our bodies can heal in seemingly miraculous ways.  I experienced this sort of healing.  My body adapted.

To this day when my body is out of adjustment I can tell because my hearing gets dull in my right ear.  This doesn't happen often because I routinely get checked and adjusted so that my body can be as alive as possible by being free of nerve interference.  I have been a practicing Chiropractor for over twenty eight years and I spend every day of my life explaining to people about this miraculous body we live in. I explain the importance of getting everyone checked by a Chiropractor from the day they are born until the day they die.  Chiropractic care not only helps sick people get well, it also helps people stay as well as possible for their whole life.  This is my life's work.

Special thanks to my uncle, Dr. Howard Cantor for saving my life and to Dr. Sid Williams for teaching him that Chiropractic is not about just about back pain.

Dr Sharon Gorman
Roswell, Georgia, USA