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Miracle Story


Dr Liam P Schubel
South America

We Raced Through The Streets Of Lima

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On: 2013-01-12 19:36:47

Working as a chiropractor in Lima, the capitol city of Peru offers unique opportunities to take care of many types of people.  When most people think of South American countries they automatically think of the poor.  What most people do not understand is that there is an extremely wealthy section of society also.  

I had an extremely busy office I saw clients six days a week, I was often busy all day and late into the evening.  It was not uncommon for me to see 1,000 people during the week.  I felt so blessed to be placed into an area where I could help so many people with chiropractic care.

It was usual for our office to be full beyond capacity with people in the waiting rooms and out in front of the building.  My secretaries normally never bother me with calls.   One afternoon my secretary told me that there was a call I had to take.  She informed me that a “Coronel” at the Peruvian Pentagon who wanted to talk to me.  I told her I would call him back and please schedule a time for him to come in and meet me.  She was a little flustered as she explained “You don’t understand doctor, for security reasons this Coronel cannot come to see you.  You must go to the pentagon to see him.”  She added that “you must not refuse an invitation from the Coronel!”

 I had no idea of how powerful military leaders were in Peru at this point in time.  

You can imagine my surprise when thirty five minutes later twelve armed men showed up in front of my office to pick me up.  First were the two police motorcycles with sirens blaring, then a lead car with 4 heavily armed men, followed by my car, a Mercedes sedan with driver and guard, then a car to follow us, again loaded with 4 armed men.

I was whisked away by this armed escort.  I was relieved they seemed happy to see me.  When we arrived at the Pentagon we passed through a series of check points.  At each stop the driver told the guard I was “the chiropractor” which seemed like the magic word because we were saluted and told to go on.  We passed through a total of 7 security checkpoints and I began to realize that this was no ordinary “Coronel.”
We finally arrived at a huge door and an armed doorman came to the side of the car and opened the door for me.  He escorted me to a huge, richly decorated mahogany walled office.  From a side room a door slid open and out came a man in his late fifties dressed in a bright red jumpsuit and sparkling white tennis sneakers.  

“So you’re the doctor that everyone is talking about?  You look kind of young to be a doctor!!!”    

I thanked him for the compliment and received a handshake from a fist of steel.   

He showed me to a back room that was like a large private hospital.  It was filled with physiotherapeutic machines.  “See all this Doctor?”, he said with a wave of his hands pointing to the array of machines. “I have spent over one hundred thousand dollars and I still can’t get well.”  His head suddenly whipped around and he focused fully on me as if seeing me for the first time.

 “What do you think you can do for me?”
By shear auto response I blurted out-  
“I can check your spine for misaligned bones that may be putting pressure on your nerves and limiting your innate capacity to heal and function optimally.”

I don’t think he had any idea of what I had just said, but his response said it all.

“I will do anything at this point.  I have been suffering from low back pain for years and it continues to get worse. I am losing the feeling in my legs and other areas. The doctors here say that I need surgery but I don’t trust those butchers. What do we need to do to start?”

Again I blurted out by auto response, “I will need you to come to my office so I can get some specific chiropractic X-rays.”

His face lit up with a smile. “Great, let’s go!”  The entire entourage of security accompanied us as we raced through the streets of Lima with sirens blaring.  As we got close to my office I noticed the roads around my office had been blocked off.  I turned to the Coronel and said…  Why do you have so much security Coronel?”

“Coronel!!”  He said, “I am not a Coronel, I am the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the entire military.  My counterpart in your country is General Colin Powell!”

Thankfully he laughed and then we both laughed and entered the office together.  The General had been a decorated paratrooper for many years and all those jumps had wreaked havoc with his lower spine.  The discs spaces were practically gone and the bones were beginning to fuse.

I sat him down for a lay lecture with his four armed guards.  I explained chiropractic to him and then gave him his first chiropractic adjustment.  I explained that the adjustment would restore the proper alignment of his misaligned bones, removing the pressure from the nerves. I explained that slowly but surely his innate capacity to heal would be restored and he would have the best chance to be well.  He was faithful to his visits, and began to come in a single car with only three bodyguards.  After a few months his physical capacities began to improve.  One day he came in and warmly shook my hand and told me he had just had the pleasure of telling his staff of surprised physicians that chiropractic care had saved him from the operating table!

I will never forget his statement about the one hundred thousand dollars of useless machines.  He and I both learned from this experience that nothing is more powerful than the innate healing capacity of the body.

  Chiropractic restores the miracle of life!

Dr Liam P Schubel
 Lima, Peru