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Miracle Story


Dr Victor Manuel Díez Sanudo

The Miracle Is Life Itself

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2013-01-06 02:02:15

Mariana was surprised, when during her second adjustment at our Chiropractic Center I commented that Chiropractic was not created for the relief of back and neck pain, but to optimize the function of our nervous system and to enhance the expression of life in our bodies. And she was even more surprised when I suggested that the children she helped to receive medical treatments for different types of cancer, could benefit from Chiropractic. Month after month she tirelessly worked with a group of volunteers doing all sorts of charitable activities and collections to help parents of children in need in the port of Veracruz, Mexico where I practice. The money raised is  to cover the costs of their chemotherapy that can reach US$1,500 per month, per child.

This is in the Regional Hospital of Veracruz, where the general population and poor individuals receive care subsidized by the government. Since the families of most of these children belong to the informal economy, they have no social security. After attending an orientation at our Chiropractic Center, we welcomed Gustavo who was twelve when he was admitted to our practice just over a year ago. Six months before he had been diagnosed with Large Granular Lymphocytic Leukemia, three months after his father had abandoned them. When I met him, he had a shaved head and a very pale color. We detected vertebral subluxations in his spine and established an intensive chiropractic adjustments program.

The medical prognosis was not promising; however, over a period of six months, all tests results were getting better and better, his energy level and mood improved continuously. Everything was going fine until March 8, 2012, when Gustavo was hospitalized unexpectedly. His suspension of the program worried us and worried us even more when Mariana was attending her maintenance adjustment and told us that Gustavo had attended the local health center for his routine review. A nurse reproached his mother as Gustavo had not received the influenza vaccine and quickly applied it. The next day he was hospitalized hovering between life and death. Thanks to his strength of spirit, the great little Gustavo left the hospital on his two own feet on June 5th (almost two months after the vaccination). He came directly from the hospital to resume his chiropractic program. The most dramatic thing is that Gustavo has again had a wonderful recovery. His mother continuously insists other parents of children with cancer come to us.

We charge Gustavo US$2 per adjustment after which, without him knowing, that money is deposited in the box where our patients generously deposit their support for Gustavo (US$150 per month approximately).

Gustavo has regained his hair and is the only child of the few survivors in his group who has not needed any transfusions since he left the hospital. Every morning Gustavo gets up at 5:30am and wakes up his household blaring his affirmation/incantation “I am healthy, I am strong, I am happy!” His mother even asked me if it´s possible for him to do his affirmations in the afternoon, so that his family isn´t woken up by their little “rooster”! His mother has also noticed that over Gustavo´s first year of Chiropractic care his posture has improved and he no longer complains about recurrent knee and lower back pains he recurrently used to suffer from. Most of all his moods have improved. He is no longer depressed, he no longer cries and his attitude has become very positive. He has forgiven his father.

Doctors insist the mother subject Gustavo to a marrow transplant. Our job as chiropractors is not to give medical advice. We educate our patients on the need to be free of vertebral subluxations, nothing more and nothing less. Transplant or no transplant, with leukemia or not, Gustavo will continue his Chiropractic program to allow his nerve system to work at full capacity. Chiropractic may be all he needs to do; it's definitely something he must do. Sadly, many of the parents of other children like Gustavo do not bring their children because they have to choose between paying for public transportation or buying diapers and baby food. And even though we insist on charging them a tenth of the normal fee of US$2, yet it has been difficult to attract them to our health model.

To Gustavo, the real miracle is life itself and he expects it all the time as he attends for his chiropractic adjustments.

Dr Victor Manuel Díez Sañudo
Veracruz, Mexico.