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Miracle Story


Dr Kendrah L Da Silva
South africa

How Do You Eat An Elephant?

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On: 2013-01-01 17:29:49

One day I received a call from my long time patient Peter, who wanted to bring his daughter Tarryn who was twenty one in to see me.  I had seen Peter, his wife Monique and their children Ian and Tarryn intermittently for many years.  They lived down the road from my practice and it was very convenient for them.  

Tarryn had been in an accident three weeks previously.  This is all Peter told me when he called for an appointment.  When they arrived at the practice , I wanted to run very far, very fast.  It took them about five minutes to extract Tarryn from the car, and Peter carried her in and laid her on the table.  With tears in his eyes, he said he did not know where else to go. He was desperate with Tarryn. In the past I had always been able to help and guide the family with their health problems.

Tarryn had been riding off road motorbikes.  She set off alone over a mound, and never appeared up the other side.  When Peter went to look, she was in a heap under the motorbike in the valley between the mounds.  No-one saw it happen and Tarryn has no recollection of what happened.  Her injuries were compression fractures of two vertebrae in her lower back, left hip fracture, three pelvic ring fractures and three or four ribs.  She came in with the most beautiful xray images of these fractures.  

Immediately after the accident, the surgeon did hip repair.  Tarryn told me she was in terrible pain before the surgery, but the moment she woke from the surgery, she was in more pain and could not feel her left lower leg.  She panicked.  They kept her in the hospital for three weeks, on a liquid diet, and the surgeon told her that should she not have feeling back in the leg for at least a year.  

At this point in time her father decided to carry her out of the hospital and bring her to my office.  At this stage of the history I was all jelly in the knees!  Tarryn had a hard plastic drop foot cast on.  She had a hard plastic spine support contraction cast to keep her lumbar spine and ribs from moving too much.  She was using 2 crutches to stand.  Walking was not really possible.  On examination, nothing I did brought any response. Dermatomes, myotomes and reflexes in her left lower leg were absent.  She had pain over the ribs and compression fractures.  Everything ached.  
My head was spinning!  So I started on one end.  We removed the foot drop cast.  I did a lot of soft tissue in the muscles, and using Kinesio tape, I taped the foot drop.  I did mobilization of the ankle, knee and hip.  The lumbar spine of course we could not do much, so I adjusted the upper thoracic and cervical spine.  We kept her body brace on for now as the compression fractures needed some time to heal.  Her sciatic nerve had been damaged during the hip surgery.In passing she mentioned that she had been on her back for three weeks, and was so constipated!  I again did some Kinesio taping for the constipation.  Peter carried her out, having made an appointment for the following day.  
Three hours later I received a most excited call from Tarryn – she had managed to pass a stool!!!  I had never heard anyone so excited about passing a stool before.  
This was the start of a long journey with Tarryn.  We had nerve conduction tests done to monitor the nerve regeneration.  The compression fractures were stable and pain free 3 weeks later, so the body brace was removed.  The foot drop brace never went back on again.  We used only Kinesio taping for that.  The sciatic nerve was also taped with Kinesio taping as it was damaged.  
I advised her to get rid of her normal car and get an automatic.  Knowing how independent Tarryn was, having others drive her was killing her.  It was quite a site watching her alight from her vehicle!  After about 3 months she was down to one crutch only.  The taping for the drop foot was really effective.  At this stage we were adjusting her full spine and mobilizing her left lower leg.

Four months after the initial treatment, Tarryn could hardly contain herself… she had a flicker of movement in the baby toe!  This was something to rejoice about.  The nerve conduction studies showed that there was some activity.  From then it just went from strength to strength.  About a month later she was walking without any braces or crutches.  She still had severe foot drop and her gait was severely affected, however she was walking.  

I then started to see her weekly for about 6 months.   Then her visits went to  2 weekly.  I am happy to report that 12 months after the accident, the function of the left leg was almost 100%.  Although she had a slight limp, it was hardly perceptible.  
A year later she was married, and not long after had a baby.  I saw her through her pregnancy for routine checkups, and all went well.  

 The lesson I learnt here... how do you eat an elephant? (And elephants are quite common here in South Africa) One bite at a time!  In the beginning it seemed such a hopeless case, but the patient and her family believed in chiropractic and they believed in me, and together amazing things were achieved. The inherent healing ability of the human body when the nervous is free of interference never ceases to amaze me.

 Dr Kendrah L Da Silva
South Africa