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Miracle Story


John Hinwood

Hit By A Bull

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On: 2012-12-26 17:29:30

In early 1979 after opening our first chiropractic practice in the idyllic sea side town of Forster 300 kilometres north of Sydney, we quickly started getting many referrals from Gloucester, a small cattle town 110 kilometres to our west.

The constant flow of new clients from Gloucester prompted us to answer the call from many of the Gloucester folk that we open a branch practice there two days a week.

On Tuesday and Thursday while Judy worked at our home practice in Forster I would drive an hour each way to our Gloucester practice which was a newly renovated flat on top of Jack Burt’s Shoe Store on the Buckets Way, Gloucester’s main street. Jack was a Councillor on the local Shire Council and the Council of the day wanted the addition of chiropractic services for their community.

The Council gave me a special permit to practice in the spacious flat as there was nowhere in town that was available for rent.

My sign was on the main street at the shoe store entrance with a direction at the bottom that read... Entrance at rear from car park. There were twenty two steps that my patients needed to climb to reach me.

Having the practice entrance off the Council Car Park, which was a section of the main town park was very handy during my two years in Gloucester. Two ‘old boys’ in their mid eighties would ride their horses to town and tie them up on the post and rail fence which surrounded the Car Park when they came for their adjustment visits.

My reason for practising in Gloucester on Tuesday and Thursday was that these were the days of the cattle sales and the three thousand population of the town really increased on sales days.

This beautiful little rural town is at the foot of Australia’s Great Dividing Range and is the gateway to a crossing through the rugged mountain range over a very windy dirt road called the Thunderbolts Way. You rise from hilly country at the foot of the range and climb to the Northern Tablelands and then onto the western plains of New South Wales. Cattle trucks were a common site as you drove up and down this majestic road to go through the mountain pass.

One morning during my second month in Gloucester, my assistant Susan told me that she had just received a call from the local Ambulance Station that an ambulance was on its way to town with an extremely acute dairy farmer who did not want to be transported to the local hospital. He was insisting that he be brought to my office as he wanted chiropractic care for his problem. The dispatcher said they would be arriving in approximately twenty minutes.

The twenty minutes passed, then an hour went by and no ambulance arrived. As we were ready to finish for the lunch break, Susan came into my office to say she just saw the ambulance pull up in the car park downstairs. Moments later two ambulance officers who were the stretcher bearers, appeared in our reception room with their patient. I went to welcome the dairy farmer with the extremely acute lower back problem. Alas, the patient on the stretcher was a third ambulance officer who was on his back with a large neck brace in place.

I asked the stretcher bearers, “where is the farmer with the extremely bad low back problem, we have been expecting?”

The answer, “oh, he’s all fixed up now, but the severe impact of the collision has caused a major whiplash to our colleague who was driving the ambulance”.

As I took the patients history he related to me a truly amazing story.

The ambulance driver was driving as fast as the road conditions would allow on the windy dirt road and was about 10 kilometres out of town. Suddenly, a very large bull stormed out of a heavily timbered area beside the road and stopped directly in front of him, taking up the entire road. The driver had nowhere to go.

The safest option the driver had, considering the rough terrain he was driving through, was to crash into the massive beast. On impact, (which killed the poor bull) the force was so great that it sprung the back doors of the ambulance open and it projected the spinal board with the patient on it out into the air like a man being ‘shot out of a cannon’ at the circus.

The dairy farmer landed on the ground some sixty feet away with a resounding crash. On landing, the adrenalin (and who knows what other hormones) flowing through his system in a big way, kicked in immediately. The farmer sprung to his feet and raced to the ambulance to assist the driver who was trapped inside.

After getting the ambulance driver free of the wreck and making him as comfortable as possible by the roadside, he had an epiphany. The force of the impact and he being catapulted through the air and landing with a resounding thud on the ground sixty feet away had shifted something in his spine. The ambulance driver said his patient started dancing around shouting, “I’m cured, I’m cured, it’s a MIRACLE!!”

The next thing to attend to was the severe whiplash suffered by the ambulance driver. The driver said that the patient with the writhing back pain was adamant that I would be able to ‘cure’ his sever back problem , that the logical place that they needed to take him for care was Gloucester Chiropractic Centre when he as heading in the first place.

Dr John Hinwood

Brisbane, Australia