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Miracle Story


Dr Shara Downey

Healed From A Double Ear Infection And Pneumonia

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2012-12-18 18:33:20

My name is Dr Shara Downey and I’m a chiropractor in Singapore. I have had the pleasure and privilege to be a part of numerous families’ wellness miracles. When choosing a story, none came closer to my heart than my own son.

The history on Xander is that in utero he was diagnosed with a kidney disorder that causes a blockage for output and potentially threatening to the keeping the kidney. At the age of 10 weeks old, the surgeons in Singapore decided that his kidney needed emergency surgery due to the severity of his case. The thing to remember is that this child had been under chiropractic care since, 6 hours old and NEVER once been sick. The kidney condition he was experiencing is normally diagnosed with repetitive infections of the bladder, ureters or kidneys and multiple fevers.  
At the time surgeons requested surgery, we respectively declined and sought a second opinion in Canada and Australia. All parties agreed that surgery was imminent but closer to 18 months old would be better as it was major surgery. When we discussed this with our Singaporean surgeon, she went along with our wishes insisting that we start prophylactic antibiotics for 6-8 months. Again, we respectfully declined as Xander had never exhibited any sign or symptom. We agreed to monitor the condition every 2 months.

 Jump ahead to June 2012, Xander is eight months old, the condition is stable and surgeons are genuinely happy and surprised. It is at this point that the surgeon mentions there may be a slight chance that gravity may prevail should Xander walk early and drain the kidney and assist with the blockage. Xander must have been listening because he took his first steps at nine and a half months. Xander is adjusted weekly and has the highest of nutrition.

The surgeon’s only cautionary words were if he ever has a HIGH fever, he will be at risk for immediate surgery, as any bacteria can cause damage to the kidney.

Looking ahead to September 2012, my husband and I went to visit family in Canada with Xander at 11 month olds. Until this point, Xander had 1 fever that was 38.5 C and 2 bouts of “sniffles” ever in his entire life. As we were preparing to return to Singapore he exhibited signs of a common cold and a mild fever of 37.8. We monitored him, cooled him with showers and he had chiropractic adjustments daily. The day we left Vancouver, I consulted a general physician to confirm there were no ear infections or chest issues. He was quite impressed with our regimen and didn’t offer any cold medicine as he said “what you are doing is working”.

 Over the 21 hour flight home, Xander slept the entire time with his fever climbing between 40-42C. We were on a plane over the Pacific Ocean, so we adjusted him and kept him cool. Once in Singapore we consult our own doctor who confirmed he had a double ear infection, took a nasal swab and prescribed Amoxicillin. What she didn’t know is that I had just landed from a Pediatric Chiropractic conference, where I personally met a couple who lost their 9 month old son to complications of Amoxicillin for an ear infection. We promptly declined asked for the 72 hour wait and see approach as prescribed in the literature and went home.

Over the next 3 days, we performed chiropractic adjustments 3 times a day, ear drops of breast milk or colloidal silver, nasal suction and a homeopathic cough syrup. By the third day, Xander woke with a temperature of 36.8, happy, smiles and no obvious reaction with our ear massage and chiropractic adjustment.  

Later that same day, the doctors’ office called to report the findings of our previous nasal swab. I thought this was ironic as I had just completed an email to the doctor to let her know Xander’s updated condition. The nurse was in a panic, “your son has Streptococcal Pneumonia”.  I was quite shocked. The nurse proceeded to ask how high his fever was, when I reported he doesn’t have one and is feeling fine. He is eating; drinking and playing like normal and in fact is the best he has been in 3 days. The nurse’s reply, “Oh that’s good, because if he had a fever we would have to put him on antibiotics...”

Xander Kane Neufeldt is now 12 months old, no vaccinations, no antibiotics and has successfully healed from a double ear infection and pneumonia. We still will wait and see if this recent episode changes anything for his kidney condition. In any case, all I can say “Thanks to the power that made the body, because it also heals the body.”

Dr Shara Downey