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Miracle Story


Dr Danny Drubin

The Gift

Submitted into: Miracles of Attitude Category,

On: 2012-12-16 18:10:26

We all live our lives in stages.  Things that seem to be important to us at one stage, may be of little or no significance at another.  Conversely, things we give little thought to today, may demand great attention as we evolve in our personal and professional lives.  I have always believed that, “life is a teacher”.  The hope is that we learn as we grow and benefit from the lessons, both positive and negative, that life teaches us.  
During one difficult time in my life, I sought the help of a professional to assist me in getting to know what was driving me to self-destruction.  After a long series of revealing and often painful sessions, this doctor proclaimed me the be...”the most selfish person that he had ever met”.  I was blown away by his analysis.  How could this be???  I had spent so much of my personal and professional life helping and doing for others.  I was just astonished!

In time I came to understand and appreciate that the majority of things that I was doing had virtually nothing to do with others, as much as my actions had to do with making me feel better about myself and reaping the adoration of others.
Then a big shift occurred in my life.  In truth, I cannot even connect this shift with anything other than time on the planet, growing up and the clue that the way I way operating was just not providing me with the life I wanted to live.  So, I started giving.  Not for the sake of getting anything in return, but rather for the thrill of seeing how many people I could help, without seeking anything in return other than satisfaction.
My personal miracle is The Gift of Giving.  Life is indeed a teacher and the more I give, the more fulfilled I feel.  My affirmation has become...you never get hurt by helping another person.  When you embrace The Gift and look to as much good for others as you can each and every day, you will have arrived at a most important part of your personal greatness.  You will be a giver for the pure joy of making life better for others.  No strings attached, no need for reward for you will have learned that the gift is in the giving.

Dr Danny Drubin
Tucson, Arizona, USA