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Miracle Story


Maria Carlton
New Zealand
New Zealand
New Zealand

Expecting My Miracle Baby

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On: 2012-11-26 16:32:41

It had taken six years for my husband to talk me into having another baby, as my first experience of child birth had been a 30 hour nightmare.   So when Christopher and I started trying it was with a few nerves that I waited each month to see if ‘it had worked yet’.  After nine months, nothing was happening, but as I lay on a table during a visit to an energy healer, I mentioned the challenge we were having and he ‘waved his hands over my abdomen in just the right way’ and bam, I was pregnant a few weeks later.

Telling Christopher was exciting, as I waited until his return from a short trip away to do the proper test, but knew firmly in my heart that it was so.   Alas, the stick indicated a negative, not a positive result.   That same week, he got sick.  In fact, he was dangerously ill, though we didn’t know it at the time.   I was still sure I was pregnant too, and despite all the other things going on with him being taken into hospital for tests, I re-did my own test – still the stick was telling me I wasn’t pregnant, and the doctors were finding no answers to what was going on with Christopher either.   They sent him home with a prescription for some paracetemol; he went home to bed, and I went to the pharmacist to fill the prescription.

I of course picked up yet another pregnancy test, and went home gave him some panadol, and took the test yet again.  STILL nothing.   

We both headed for the doctors surgery a few days later, and while Christopher had his blood taken and checked again, I had mine checked for pregnancy – finally my pregnancy was confirmed.  Now all we had to do was get my husband back on his feet and life would be wonderful!  

A few days later, he was taken by ambulance into hospital, where 2 days later he was put into ICU in an induced coma. He rallied and was awake again nine long days later, and we joyfully talked about many things, ending the conversation with “I love you’s” fully expecting he was now on the mend.   That was the last time I saw him awake and ‘well’ – he died unexpectedly a few days later.  

We announced my pregnancy at his funeral – and as ‘Peanut’ was due on the 1st April and Chris was very well known as a practical joker, a few people did wonder if this was a bad taste joke.  

As I grieved, I grew, and had to face giving birth again, this time without my lovely husband beside me.  I simply could not bear the idea of it, and finally managed to convince the doctor to send me to an Obstetrician (instead of registering me with a midwife), who I then begged to give me an elective cesarean section.   He finally said that I was healthy and  saw no good reason to do this, but if I went past the 1st April, he would.  Well I kept my legs crossed, and waited, and waited, and then finally on the 3rd April turned up ready for my delivery.   

It’s also relevant to note that during my entire pregnancy I somehow avoided having any scans or regular checkups, and was glowingly healthy.  There was no reason for any concern – I just didn’t want to go through a long labour without Christopher.   BUT, on the operating table, the Obstetrician announced with relief – “Well Maria, that was a very lucky call, your baby had the cord wrapped around his neck and it was knotted. A natural delivery would have been ‘very difficult’ indeed”.  What an understatement!

During that final conversation with his father, we both picked only one name for him or her – Alex.  My little miracle baby is now 14 years old, and an absolute joy - and very much like his father too.   
Maria Carlton
New Zealand