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Miracle Story



My Perception Was Misconceived

Submitted into: Miracles of Work Category,

On: 2012-11-14 16:52:26

My name is Laurent Goldstein and Im originally from France, living in Vancouver, Canada. I am the owner of a company called Brican Corporation which is a company dedicated to helping chiropractors educate their patients about chiropractic care.

I would like to reflect on an event that happened to me about eleven years ago and completely reshaped the direction that I was taking in my life.It gave me a completely new understanding of what chiropractic was about. Until eleven years ago, I had been to a chiropractor only twice in my life, on both occasions for acute lower back pain.

I had arrived in a small town in the State of Washington after several hours drive. My back was killing me. I saw a sign chiropractor, stopped and went in, thinking that well chiropractors- thats what they do, they help our back pain. I got an adjustment, felt better, never thought about it again.

A few years later, I happened to be in the South of France, the same episode of lower back pain hits me. I go to see a friend of mine who owned a health food store and asked if he knew a chiropractor in town. He happened to know one so I went to see him for a good thorough exam and an adjustment. I felt better, never thought about chiropractic again.

Two or three years later, I happened to be at a seminar in Toronto, Canada at a Chiropractic Masters Seminar. It was the beginning of my relationship with my company at that time and I did not own the company, I was a sales person working for the company. I was there at our display booth in the break out area and at the first break I witnessed something that completely changed my perception about chiropractic, and consequently changed the direction I took in my life after that experience.

What happened at the break, chiropractors came out of the conference room and they lined up to use one of the three adjusting tables in the booth next to mine to get adjusted. Every chiropractor just jumped onto the table, was adjusted by a colleague and jumped off the table feeling great. Some also adjusted their wives. A couple of them had kids that they were adjusted also. I was witnessing that. I was blown away.

You see, my understanding up until that time was that chiropractic was just for back pain. What was going on? Obviously these people did not have back pain.This created a shift or the start of a shift in my perception of what chiropractic is really about. When the break was over the chiropractors went back into the conference room to listen to the next session.

I was so interested, I followed, except, the staff of that seminar, stopped me in my tracks. "You cant go in.". "What do you mean I cant go in?" "No, if you want to go in and listen to the speakers, youve got to pay an additional fee". I was upset because we already paid a fee to be there as a vendor but I did reach into my pocket to get my Visa card and pay the one hundred and eighty dollars to listen to the speakers because what I had just witnessed triggered so much interest in me. The shift was starting to happen, I wanted to know more.

That afternoon, I heard two amazing speakers, Dr Christopher Kent and Dr Richard Santos, two of my mentors in the profession. They talked about innate intelligence; they talked about universal intelligence; they talked about the chiropractic philosophy. I was inspired.

That day my goal shifted. I instantly knew that I must become the owner of the company and put all our emphasis into chiropractic. At that time the company was also involved with Dentists and Optometrists, helping them market their practices.

A little later, my desire to become the owner of Brican came true. I bought the company. I called a big meeting with the entire staff in Toronto and I told them the new direction of the company. We will be dedicated one hundred percent to chiropractic. My passion for chiropractic had been ignited that day.Over the next few months and those early years, every time I spoke to a chiropractor, I’d ask that chiropractor why he or she went into chiropractic. I heard so many amazing stories, so many inspiring stories, that my conviction of working in the chiropractic profession grew stronger and stronger.

Today, because of my experience, weve reached to out to over one thousand patients everyday in chiropractic offices who have our systems telling them the chiropractic story via plasma screens. My chiropractic miracle started because of what I observed that day at the seminar. Chiropractic is a life style choice to stay healthy.

Laurent Goldstein,

Vancouver, Canada