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Miracle Story


Dr Rose Lepien
Oklahoma City

Put Him In An Institution… He’s A Vegetable

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2012-11-07 18:45:56

A mother brought her two children for chiropractic examination. The girl was totally normal but the little boy was almost like a vegetable when she brought him and handed him to me.

I said, “What’s happening? What’s going on?” She was crying. Tearfully she said, “They told me in the hospital, after they delivered him that he must have had a stroke at birth, and that I should put him in an institution.” He was about two months old when she brought him in.

He was unable to eat; he hardly cried; he was not responding to his environment, his head was tilted to the side and he just kind of gazed off into the distance. “Here, do something.” the mother pleaded. It was a very humbling moment because chiropractic primarily means, we deal with people that you can relate to, and they can talk to you, usually adults of all ages.

But this little child was two years old, and as she handed me that child, I put him in my hands. I started crying and I said, “Lord, what do You want me to do with this little child?” I received the message, he has a spine and he has a nervous system. I knew from evaluating the child, by just looking at him, that it was not a stroke.

I knew that his spine and his upper neck had been damaged during the birthing process. It can happen when they take hold of the head, and turn it to help it to come out of the birth canal. The upper neck was damaged in the baby’s birthing process. The little boy’s head was bent forwards and he couldn’t lift his head. He couldn’t move his head much at all. This was a most humbling experience for me and I felt hope that chiropractic could help this young child who had been written off medically.

I knew that if we could get his nervous system working better and remove the nerve pressure, that miracles could happen. I started adjusting this little boy very gently, the neck, the mid back, and all the other areas that I found. After adjusting him I give him back to the mother and she took him home. The next day when she returned with the little one she was ecstatic.

She said that he was able to pick his head up and had started looking at her and responding to his environment. Within two weeks after I started treating him, the mother saw, and we all saw, this wonderful change in a little boy who had been predicted to be a vegetable by the medical profession, and his family advised to put him in an institution.

He started changing in front of our very eyes because the adjustments removed the interference to the nervous system and this changed the energy flow through his nervous system. The body could now heal and express its true self. He started eating. He started crying. He started sleeping better and he turned into a perfectly normal little human being because of the power of chiropractic.

As chiropractors we remove the interference to the nervous system to allow free expression of life and remove blockages so people can express themselves fully and be healthy and live a better quality of life. That was a very humbling experience. It was a great gift to me that I could be a tool to be used to restore life and to assure that the person had a healthy, normal life.

Today, the boy must be about eighteen years old. I still get Christmas cards and messages from his mother thanking me for what I did for their family. For me, in all the years I have practiced and treated patients from even people in their 90’s to little tiny babies, sometimes the day after they’re born; that for me truly was the most miraculous story of life, and the power of life, and the power of an adjustment.

I am grateful for my destiny having led me from Germany, from a small town, to come to the United States to be able to go to Chiropractic College. I realize now that we have a purpose and we’re put here on this earth with a mission. We’re given a talent, and we’re given a job to do that once we find it, we can be in tune with that and we’ll live abundantly in the universe.

Dr Rose Lepien