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Miracle Story


Andi Lew

I Married The Man Who Saved Me With Chiropractic

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2012-10-30 15:47:30

I was twenty five and resting after a six-week tour of Malaysia and Korea, working as an actor/dancer for Walt Disney’s special events division when I started noticing a problem I’d had for years become more serious. The pain was like a knife running down my leg. It made my buttock and calf muscle spasm and feel numb. It was so uncomfortable that I’d write days off lying in bed, feeling depressed and emotional.

I’d hoped it would get better on its own but I was experiencing even more severe tightness in my left buttock, hip and leg. I tried many natural healing remedies that didn’t help and prescribed pain medication, but once the effects wore off it just made things worse.

I’m used to being very flexible, so I’d lie in bed trying to stretch the pain away. Nothing helped. Not massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture or meditation. Wearing high heels and long car drives also made it flare up. I later learnt all these things addressed the symptom but never the cause. The cause was a choked nerve- the sciatic nerve.

No one diagnosed it as sciatica, which I now know is essentially a choked nerve running down your leg because of vertebral subluxation (nervous system interference- when a vertebra has lost its normal position)  when the spine is misaligned.

Sciatica impacted on my moods and general wellbeing. It affected everything because I later learned that your nerve system dominates how you adapt to stress and co-ordinate all body parts.

It even forced me to change careers from dancing to working in radio, where I didn’t have to rely on my body as much. I discovered a new passion, but was still constantly tired and distracted.

I spent so much money on yoga and a myriad of other natural remedies. One day I fainted in the shower, nearly landing on a razor left on the floor. My flat-mate found me minutes later and carried me out. It seemed I had ‘choked nerves’ and subluxation in more than one area of my spine.

I went to the doctor, and they suggested a cat scan as I knew something was really wrong. But when they ruled out any pathology or disease, I was even more confused and felt very alone. I resorted to anti-inflammatories which only masked the symptoms.

I was very unwell but was consistently told ‘I was fine’.  A year later at a party I met my now husband; Dr Warren Sipser, a South African Wellness Chiropractor who had moved to Melbourne. When I called to cancel a date one night because I was in pain, and wouldn’t be great company, he offered to help. Nobody had done this before and he was the one that explained all the above about what was wrong with me.

After a forty minute thorough examination and x-rays, I was shown that I had a misaligned spine and pelvis that had probably been degenerating for years. A gentle chiropractic adjustment ‘realigned’ me, finally taking the pressure off my spinal cord and nerves.

The adjustment itself only took a few minutes but provided a life changing release. Instantly my whole leg felt alive again. I got off the table and it was no longer numb or tingly. I felt free.

I was so grateful, and relieved. I was in love and finally found an answer to my health issues. He explained he was looking for dis-function or dis-ease and not waiting for disease.

As well as my rotated and degenerated pelvis that was caused from a build- up of things over time, I also had a backward curve in my upper neck. The upper neck area impacts on most organs as it is part of the brain stem. That finally explained the fainting attacks.

Many people will suffer from sciatica at some stage but most will never realize it. They, like me, will just complain of a tight leg and sore hip or buttock and think the pain and discomfort is ‘normal’.

There are many causes of vertebral subluxation including physical, mental, chemical and emotional stressors. Looking at my x-rays, my degeneration was really advanced for someone of 26.

The cause could have been from birth trauma, falls as a kid, high heels, carrying heavy bags, a minor whiplash, medications, stress, or holding the phone with my ear and shoulder.

Since my first chiropractic consultation my sciatica reoccurred once a month for a bit, then four months later, it hasn’t returned.

The release made everything in my digestive system start to work better immediately, because some of the nerves in the pelvis branch off the digestive system. I didn't realise it was all connected but I had better elimination and lost around 9kg within 3-6 months without changing my already healthy diet.

I even did less exercise as I allowed my body to heal but still lost weight. My body was finally working the way it was naturally designed to.

It's now been a decade since I suffered an attack. I have a healthy spine and nervous system because I have fortnightly chiropractic care before symptoms arise. So many other areas of my health have improved also. I’m full of vitality.

My friends say I’m lucky because I have ‘chiro on tap’ but I’d happily pay the standard fee of around $50 a visit as it makes such a difference to my life. I never have ‘sick days’ and I’m more productive. I haven’t taken one pill or any other medication since and the sciatica has gone.

For someone with pre-existing spinal misalignment; pregnancy can be really uncomfortable. When I gave birth naturally to our son Beaudy Shae Sipser 16 months ago I didn't want any unnecessary intervention or drugs. I managed a natural fourteen hour labour and it was a chiropractic adjustment that opened my pelvis like a butterfly effect whilst ‘pushing’. I’m so inspired by everything that I feel compelled to pay it forward to the profession that saved my life.

Six months after we met, I opened a Wellness Centre with my husband. A year later I studied for a year and was awarded a diploma as a qualified chiropractic assistant and wrote our first health book. We’re on a crusade to help others naturally. I’m now a publisher and have two more books out- The Modern Day Mother; Babies and Sleep from Womb to One and ‘Eat Fat Be Thin’.

Andi Lew
Melbourne, Australia