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Miracle Story


Dr Gordon Brinsmead

Numerous Miscarriages And Finally A Baby

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2012-10-28 15:59:02

I was talking with a lady at a plant nursery whose husband I had cared for in the past. She talked to me about her health problems and how nobody had been able to help her over numerous miscarriages and general female challenges. She was around the forty year old mark. Having dealt with many patients in similar situations, I asked her would she be interested in an evaluation about her clinical matters which may be causing this.

Our approach is, we recognize that the body which built itself knows how to run itself if there is no nerve interference. Following clinical tests of the region which controls the reproductive function, we located problems and then demonstrated this on nerve charts. The woman then instantly understood what was wrong and how chiropractic could help her. The explanation  assisted  her decide to proceed with care.
 Her care was light adjustments to the nonfunctional areas of the spine and then keeping her spine free and moving well throughout the pregnancy, right to delivery. The supportive care was provided because all clinical findings dated back to her late teen years. This was determined by the changes evident on Xray findings, changes that manifest in the growing years and don’t manifest so greatly after becoming set in general by the age of eighteen

This was in the early part of the New Year, and within six to eight weeks she became pregnant and we managed her case throughout the following nine months to within one week of her delivery, which was November.

We have worked with numerous cases like this one in the past who have also responded very positively to chiropractic care.

The mother who caries her baby through a lasting pregnancy and going to term against all the odds, is a miracle.

Dr Gordon Brinsmead
Sydney, Australia