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Miracle Story


Dr Michael W. Hall

A Man Named Dan

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2012-10-24 16:13:55

It was a warm August day when Dan entered the clinic. He was wheeled in by his wife Betty. They had been high school sweethearts and married for nearly 25 years. Three years earlier Dan had been injured in an accident at a worksite. He owned and managed one of the largest drywall companies in the state of Texas. Since the injury he had been unable to walk except for very short distances usually no longer than a few feet.

The day of the injury had been a typical work day for Dan. Up early and at the worksite, he always got there before his crew and made sure everything was set. As the day progressed Dan climbed some scaffolding to inspect a drywall seam approximately 30 feet up. When he had completed the inspection he turned to descend the scaffolding when his foot slipped. He fell the thirty feet landing on his left foot first. The impact shattered the left leg. He received multiple fractures to his leg, arm, and several ribs. The most eminent of his injuries involved the left leg. He reported having required multiple surgeries to the left leg exceeding well over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. He was told by the doctors that he was lucky to still have the leg and they weren’t sure that he would ever successfully walk again.

Dan was a courageous and motivated person. He had only ever known hard work and determination. He built his business from the ground up and grew it into the biggest drywall company in Texas. He was also a loving and respectful husband. His wife was indeed the “apple of his eye”. Always good-hearted, upbeat, and optimistic it was easy to tell the toll that injury was taking on him. He did all his rehabilitative exercises and treatments with 110% effort. He improved more than they had thought he would in the year during his treatments. He could only gain enough strength to walk a few feet, 5-10, before the pain and incoordination would cause him to stumble or fall.  The leg would swell tremendously and after the surgeries his leg was nearly an inch shorter than his right. All of his shoes were rebuilt to accommodate the difference in height.

As time progressed Dan began to experience a new set of symptoms. He would find that in the mornings he could not open his eyes or his mouth. That his tongue would feel stuck to the roof of his mouth and he was unable to speak. This would last for several hours often into the afternoon. He would work diligently to open his eyes and get his mouth and tongue to working properly. These symptoms came on about six to seven months after he left rehab. Starting on a smaller scale and progressing to where he was today. The doctors told him they really didn’t know why he was having this problem but that he had probably sustained some injury to his brainstem affecting the cranial nerves.

At the time of Dan’s visit his left leg was nearly twelve cm larger in girth at the top of his calf. He could stand upright with a wide based stance but was very unsteady within a few steps. By four steps he had to sit down and was markedly out of breath. His blood pressure was elevated, his respirations were shallow and rapid, his pulse rate neared a hundred, lymphatic flow in his leg was nearly non-existent. Pupillary responses were sluggish, taste was diminished, smell was reduced, pursuit eye movements to the left were impaired, cover / uncover test revealed mild left exotropia, chest expansion measured ½ inch, oxygen saturation levels were 92%, balance disorder was obvious, and dyspraxia was evident in the left hand. My chiropractic training in neurology led me to think that while he sustained obvious frank trauma from his fall he also showed dysfunction in the left pons of his brain. It was my opinion that this deficit was responsible for his ocular and orofacial dysfunction. Multiple levels of spinal subluxation were noted in his lumbar spine, muscle imbalances in the psoas, transverse abdominus, hamstrings, and calves; left occipito-atlantal, C4-T1, and multiple costal subluxations were also observed.  

Over the course of the next few months, Dan received chiropractic care, neurologically based rehab exercises specific to the left pons and cortex, and myotherapy for lymphatic flow and fascial release. He slowly began to walk a few more steps. First four to five, then six to eight, then ten to twelve steps, down the hallway, then down and back. The morning paralysis began to improve, reducing to six hours, then to four, and gradually resolving to nothing.

As Dan began to improve you could see the joy and happiness returning to him. He became a beacon for hope. When he came into the office he seemed to light up the entire place. He was so thankful, so gracious for everything. His wife was just as grateful. There were often visits where many of us had “weeping eyeballs”. Within about six months from when Dan first found us and started chiropractic care he was no longer using a wheel chair, was walking on his own to everywhere he wanted to go, and was being the jovial self that many had always known him to be. Dan has been a chiropractic patient now for over twenty years. Dan is a chiropractic miracle! When medicine could do no more, chiropractic brought him the rest of the way!

Dr Michael W. Hall
Dallas, Texas, USA