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Miracle Story


Dr Criss Partridge
Nottingham Shire

Transfixed With The Realization

Submitted into: Miracles of Healing & Health Category,

On: 2012-10-21 19:02:29

Jo presented to our clinic hobbling along on two crutches moving slowly and with great deliberation due to her unsteadiness and pain. Jo told me how she had been given a diagnosis of ‘looks like the beginnings of Multiple Sclerosis(MS)’ about 3 years earlier following an MRI. Jo had since been prescribed steroids, interferons and even chemo therapy in an effort to cure or at least minimise the progression of the disease. Jo had been told that the normal prognosis for MS was deterioration of her physical condition to the point she would be wheelchair bound. Also, as MS stays with you for life she would need continued treatments from specialists to help her manage the symptoms.

Jo had other health issues too. Neck, shoulder and arm pain, like little electric shocks in her body, low back pain, cold, blue and fuzzy type sensations (pins and needles) in both hands and feet. Her periods had stopped as part of ‘an early onset of menopause’ caused by the chemotherapy. Migraines, a possible bleed on the brain, depression, very disturbed sleep and all manner of digestive system problems including low appetite. Bloating after meals, serial bouts of diarrhea followed by constipation, reflux/heartburn and reduced control of bladder and bowel.

I took Jo through our standard new guest visit of present and past history, orthopaedic and neurological tests, posture, balance, Insight pulse wave profiler, thermal and EMG scans.

Following her report of findings Jo received her first Chiropractic adjustment.

When I rang her later that evening at the end of shift, to see if she had any questions and remind her about using heat as advised, the first of an avalanche of little miracles she related to me.

Jo told me that following her adjustment she had gone to the supermarket and was walking around using her trolley in place of her crutches when half way along an aisle, as we all have done ourselves, Jo realized that she had forgotten to pick something up, so without thinking she simply turned, walked briskly back up the aisle, collected the item and returned to her abandoned trolley. Upon reaching the trolley she stood there transfixed as the realization of what she had just done set in. Jo had walked without support. She told me how she had sworn out loud and that other shoppers had looked at her but she was too shocked herself to explain to them!

Over the next few days after each of her adjustment visits she reported other miracles that just came her way. Her hands and feet symptoms seemed to have disappeared, her periods returned, her sleep improved and became restful and refreshing, her bowel and bladder control/function improved and she felt more balanced.

Jo still uses one of her crutches for support, or at least carries it with her, for security. Jo’s biggest news as far as she was concerned was that she had indulged her passion of field archery again and come third. This is still a popular sport in Sherwood Forest where we practice in England.

While this is still a story in its infancy, Jo has only had 10 adjustment visits, it serves as an amazing example of the true innate healing power of the body and how a little thing called a Chiropractic adjustment, which removes interference from the nervous system, can impact lives in ways beyond our imagination or understanding.

So the question is, “Have YOU ever tried Chiropractic?” If not, ask yourself, “do I want to expect a Chiropractic Miracle?” If you have received help through Chiropractic care, how many of your family, friends and workmates have you encouraged to also try Chiropractic?

Dr Criss Partridge
Edwinstowe, Nottingham Shire, England