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Miracle Story


Asa Childress
United Kingdom
United Kingdom

I Came Out Of It Without A Scratch

Submitted into: Miracles Of Self Category,

On: 2012-09-03 15:56:30

Three days ago I was approached by 2 boys whilst on my bike at a bike track. I went around the bike track once before one of the boys stopped me to ask me for my bike. The other boy told him to let me off since he had already attempted to take my brother’s bike previously. Both boys went to the same school.

 So I went a second time around the bike track, but the boy told me again to come back. I continued riding past him and stopped off half way around while I tried to think of an escape route.  The only other exit was blocked off by the other boy, so I was trapped. There was no hope for escape, so I continued riding around and  was stopped by the boy at the end. The boy who didn't know me, kept asking me for my bike and he became more and more angry, the more I didn't give my bike to him. He threatened to hit me with his belt but as he was just about to hit me, he was told not to by the other guy.

As I left the track I realised that God kept me completely safe, without a scratch. He kept my Samsung Galaxy Ace smart phone safe along with my 32GB 4th Gen iPod Touch with ALL the lyrics to the songs I am soon to record (as I am a Gospel Rapper visit 'AceOfficial.co.uk' for my music). 

Then about  ten minutes after the robbery, my dad received a phone call from a friend and about 15 mins later the man visited and gave my dad some money. The next morning my dad decided to give me one hundred pounds towards a new bike which was exactly the price my brother offered for me to pay him for his bike. His bike is better than the previous one I owned which was  robbed.

Also, my friend knows someone who knows the boys who took my bike so he is currently trying to get it back through his friend.

 So I ended up having a better bike and I think I may have turned the boys to God, because I told them about Jesus.


Asa Childress

Gospel Rapper, United kingdom