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Miracle Story


Susan Robson
Coffs Harbour

The Blackbird

Submitted into: Miracles of Love Category,

On: 2012-08-19 18:59:45

Philip’s twin, David passed away aged 38 of ‘natural causes’ and there was no definitive explanation. I believe he had an epileptic fit and knocked himself out and never regained consciousness.  I was 32 and my world fell apart.  He had the most beautiful and generous soul of anyone I’ve ever met.

In the vein of your ‘Expect A Miracle’ Cards, I had a deck of what I called ‘Harmony Cards, which had only one word on each card, eg, ‘Love’, Beauty’, ‘Caring’, ‘Forgiveness’ etc.  I’m sure you’ve heard of them.  I had a little bowl at home and at the beginning of each day I would randomly choose a card and keep it close to me all day. 

If I chose ‘Beauty’, then that day I would look at everything with beauty.  I found it a wonderful way to start the day.  I didn’t share this with anyone at the risk of sounding silly.

However, the Christmas before David died I thought David is a sentimental guy so I bought him a set also.  If he thought I was silly it didn’t matter because it I gave it with unconditional love and a full and happy heart.

Christmas morning came and David exchanged our gifts at the same time.  Incredibly we had given each other the exact same gift!  That’s what I call a ‘little miracle’. 

Whenever we visited each other, the first thing we’d do was to choose a card.  It became second nature.  At David’s funeral in October of the following year, after the service I passed around the bowl with David’s set of cards in it, so everyone could take home a treasured gift of his. 

At his funeral the song Blackbird by the Beatles played and as it was a little country church in Kangaroo Valley NSW, at the end of the song, the birds outside started singing (or tweeting, as the case may be).
I felt this was a sign that David had reached his destination (with his twin Philip, and Dad).

The following week, my boss at the time, rang me on the weekend to tell me not to come back to work, but to meet him at Sydney Airport because he and his family believed I needed a break. 

Whilst sipping Singapore Slings at Raffles, my boss and I were just chatting when a Blackbird came along and sat inches away from us.  It stayed for a about fifteen or so minutes before it flew away – I am utterly convinced it was David.

Susan Robson
Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia