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Miracle Story


Shelley Preston
North Bay

Revived by Mum’s Love: A Miracle Baby

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On: 2012-04-19 00:08:06

My miracle story is the birth of my third child. My first two children, I had them naturally, and very easy births. My third one, I wanted to have a midwife at home, and that was the plan. A week before she was due, I found out that she was breach so my chiropractor husband tried to turn the baby and it wasn’t successful. I went into labor and when I was in labor, the doctor said, “Definitely, she’s breach “. You know, I wanted to do this naturally.

I didn’t feel the cord wrapped around her feet so they were bantering back and forth my husband and the doctor. We did the stats for natural birth with this, and how would it work. I was listening to both of them, and finally, my husband looked down at me and said, “What do you feel is right?”. And I said, “I think we need to go for a C-section now”. So I went to a C-section and the doctor proceeded to do it, a typical section and he did the first cut into my uterus, and got the baby out up to her neck and the cord was wrapped around her feet so it’s nice that we didn’t do it naturally.

 But also, the babies head didn’t want to come out yet. He was trying to get the head out and he proceeded to pick up the scissors five more times and he cut my uterus all the way to the top. And still, he couldn’t get the baby out and he was up on his knees, pulling so hard and shaking. He had another doctor above, punching the top of my stomach, trying to get the head to release from my ribcage. And my husband was watching and so was the midwife who was to deliver my baby. After a very long delivery, they finally got the baby out. And when the head came out, it popped like a champagne cork. My baby was in very bad shape when she first came out and looked really battered. Her dad took her to the intensive care area for the new babies and adjusted her. She settled down very quickly and she did marvelously well.

That morning when the doctor came in to see me, he said that it was the worst delivery he has ever had. It was the longest and he swore that the baby had died three times during the delivery and it was a miracle as he was just trying to save my life in the end. And that baby lived, and she’s fifteen right now, happy and healthy as ever. Thank you.

Shelley Preston

North Bay, Ontario, Canada