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Miracle Story


Marie Gomez-Smid
Largs Bay

Life Saving Miracle

Submitted into: Miracles Of Self Category,

On: 2012-04-18 01:04:30

On 6 September 2006, I was involved in a serious head on collision motor vehicle accident involving 3 vehicles in total

3 miracles actually happened.

I am an intuitive person and I dreamt of this accident 6 weeks prior I saw the car that was to hit me drive on the wrong side of the road and it was grey and I saw a burnt orange car which was my colour and also my sons.  In my dream there were no other vehicles.

 I prayed and asked that it would be me and not my son and to please help us survive as I knew my work here was not done.  So that was my first miracle that it was me and I survived.

2nd miracle -  On the night of the accident we were at the stop lights and I had 2 cars in front of me, first car moved off ok, the second car and I had just crossed over and we could see that a car was driving on the wrong side.   The car in front of me swerved to his left so not to be hit but was hit at the rear which made the driver realise he was on the wrong side of the road.  Too late for me I had nowhere to go but to take the hit front on and watch this grey huge steel 4 wheel drive just come at me. Amazing how in those few moments although it all happens so quick your mind seems to be in slow motion but I knew that it was better to be hit head on, I felt so calm throughout all of this.

The driver of the car in front of me called me the night after I got out of hospital, and it was good to share the experience.  He said that if the other driver had not hit him first at the rear he felt I would not have survived as he was driving too fast and had no awareness of the road at that time.  

At the time of the hit I also felt like someone grabbed my legs and bend them so quick.  I never looked at my car at the time, but my lawyer gave me photos of my car and said I had to look at them to get over the trauma.  He told me I was very lucky and that someone was watching over me because most head on collisions he has seen you either did not survive or you lost your legs.  (Miracle 3).

I had a fractured sternum which took over 6 weeks to heal, scared my family, and have knees that play up but I can walk and I am OK.

I prayed to survive (and I did), that it would be me (and it was), that somehow I would not be injured critically (and I wasn't).  Another car was put in the way to minimize the impact. 

At the time I was working too hard so the 6 weeks I had off it made me look at my life.  I quit my job a year later and found a job closer to home which saved me more than one hour per day. 

I truly belief in miracles and so should you I know I am proof of this. Ask, Believe, Receive.